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China embellish supermarket is garrisoned formally on July 10 Dong Lihu city of
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"City of 10 thousand divisions China embellish supermarket " be located in Dong Lihu. City of 10 thousand divisions the commercial core of center of 2 period towns, will do business formally external at will rising on July 10, this on the weekend " city of 10 thousand divisions Hua Runchao city " abound activity of favourable sales promotion to celebrate practice to will be held. Bencihua of embellish supermarket be garrisoned formally and practice offerred more convenient shopping condition for owner not only, imply form a complete set of life of town of 10 thousand divisions at the same time upgrade again.

"China embellish supermarket " practice is 2 period mart afterwards " inn of characteristic of snack of sandwich of Luo Lin person " , China moves " Xing Lihu " postal service hall, " gold resembles big chemist's shop " , " Weitesi " the life form a complete set such as cleaner's, the large community supermarket of new infuse, will offer more than 1000 kinds of dish to taste for community owner, nearly 2000 kinds of dish taste the flesh, egg, birds, commodity.