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Fuji treasure agency congress land always made a speech 2008
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Respectable everybody is led, each honored guest, ladies, gentlemen, everybody is good! Above all limited company of science and technology of electric equipment of treasure of my representing Fuji, each friend that discusses to arriving at Bencihui expresses the warmest reception and the most cordial acknowledgment!

Today, we are honoured very much the ground greets all directions visitor, everybody happilies gather under the same roof, in developing course for Fuji treasure jointly again great fly do testimony.

Old since, fuji treasure depends on the technical experience of innovation, actual strength of abundant research and development, scientific management concept, in electromagnetism furnace domain, gains is big. Fuji treasure also was honoured to make the brand that consumer trusts accordingly.

Let historical testimony, fuji treasure has the honor to win a country to avoid check product, Guangdong to save famous brand product, Guangdong to save famous label, Guangdong to save furnace of company of new and high technology, electromagnetism successive 6 years by national statistic bureau attestation is the whole nation sales volume the 2nd.

Let future witness, have flourishingly the pace that the Fuji treasure of vitality has stepped arrogant person!

Current, domain of small home appliance is showing a vast market space, fuji treasure is determined to seize market moment, will machine machine and market of two season product to march in the round to water bottle of Bao of meal of electric pressure cooker, report, report, food by electromagnetism furnace expert.

Today Fuji treasure will with brand-new attitude tripartite confrontation at the world, brand-new 2008 3D colour accuses electromagnetism furnace to will appear formally, I believe, 3D colour accuses electromagnetism furnace to roll out the market to be able to bring far-reaching influence to industry of whole electromagnetism furnace, also be the product upgrades revolution of replacement, it is the one big move of home appliance of high-quality goods of Fuji treasure implementation, in the meantime, the Fuji treasure agency that also gives the throughout the country surpasses rival in market competition, get the good business chance of rich and generous profit, I wish to cooperate with each one path good faith, keep abreast of hand in hand.

Look into future, go all out in work by right of 10 years accumulate the abundant actual strength below and original global strategy vision, what Fuji treasure will insist as always to live and develop in order to innovate for the enterprise is basic, make top-ranking group with internationalization eye shot, continue to increase new product research and development and market to develop, with opener mind and boldness of vision, cordial hand in hand partner, hold times pulse, acute meaning enterprising, ceaseless ascend, aspire does China's most creative business.

Stand on new start, we are full of passion, depend on top-ranking industry group, with the foresight spirit of extremely sturdy belief and global strategy, spread all over numerous partner of the whole nation hand in hand, great plan did not come, win-win the world, start home appliance trade epochal!
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