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Mai Delong and blue sky general rise plastic shopping bag price
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The reporter learns, supermarket of wheat heart dragon is considering rising plastic the price of shopping bag; Supermarket of our city blue sky also says about the personage, the price of polybag may little scope rises. Nevertheless the personage expresses related our city other supermarket, at present of short duration does not have the plan that move price.

Partial supermarket may raise polybag price

11 days have information to say, next month rises 1 day, mai Delong exceeds price of city middle-sized bag to will reach 0.5 yuan by 0.3 yuan of current mix, good-sized bag will go up by 0.5 current yuan 1 yuan. To this, when headquarters of China of dragon of heart of 11 days of wheat accepts a reporter to interview about chief, express, have truly consider raising price, but had not decided finally.

The blue sky supermarket of our city mainland told a reporter yesterday about chief, of this supermarket plastic near future of shopping bag price is possible little scope rises, but must go up again after receiving polybag supplier to inform, rise in price to still have no schedule at present so. This supermarket will undertake exchanging views with the supplier next week, if rise in price, of supermarket polybag rise in price extent rises in price those who follow a supplier extent is synchronous.

Nevertheless, the our city is Woerma, good average per capita is in charge of expressing related the supermarket such as much, Tian Hong again, so far, did not receive company headquarters about plastic any announcements that shopping bag rises in price. Our city always brightness, new China wait for native land supermarket relevant personage also expresses, current and plastic shopping bag still is had no rise in price plan.

Of polybag raw material rise in price two into

The personage inside course of study thinks, supermarket polybag rises in price is time problem only. As we have learned, because raw material price already rose substantially. As we have learned, plastic shopping bag is main raw material is polyethylene, at the beginning of June price of this raw material is 14000 yuan are controlled every tons, and it is nearly 17000 yuan at present. In view of this, supplier of a few polybag asks to raise polybag to offer price in succession.

"According to national regulation, supermarket, bazaar is plastic shopping bag price cannot under cost price, and price of polybag of a lot of supermarkets approachs cost price now, so the supermarket also undertakes probably raising price. " the personage inside course of study says, at present many supermarket polybag price and cost need 9 minutes of money only, if do not go up, that violated national regulation. Nevertheless, because order goods quantity, order goods contract each supermarket is different, so the price adjusts synchronism of cannot all supermarket.

The citizen that buys polybag may decrease again

"Won't negative to supermarket management generation effect is moved on polybag price. " blue sky supermarket says about chief, buy now plastic the citizen of shopping bag is very few, it is only before very one of.
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