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Copy is risked " century China couplet " be sentenced to compensate for 500 thou
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Nanjing daily will publish on May 12 " " century couplet China " experience " century China couplet " , nanjing street performs a supermarket " imitate beautiful " " incident, had new progress. Not long ago, the well-known company of supermarket industry -- " century couplet China " the brand of the supermarket has a person -- Inc. of Hua Lianchao city, will " hitchhike " limited company of chain of Hua Lianchao city accuses Jin Hu century court. On July 1, court of the first intermediate people is opposite Shanghai this case makes first instance adjudicate, requirement the accused suspends unfair competition action, compensate for accuser 500 thousand yuan. Although received report, inc. of China couplet supermarket is not relaxed however, in because the way of the dimension authority from the back is possible,comparing an imagination even hardships.
The case is answered put

Inc. of China couplet supermarket held water 1992, it is the first chain supermarket company of Chinese that appear on the market, own door store nearly 2000, include among them " century couplet China " . As we have learned, in December 2004, zhang Mou of experience case person holds a post in limited company of Hangzhou of China couplet supermarket, will resign on June 1 second year. After 4 days, zhang Mou the identity with large stockholder, collective and as contributive as another partner, city was installed to establish Jin Hu in Jiangsu the Huaihe River century China couplet. Second half of the year rose 2005, joint-stock company of China couplet supermarket discovers in river, short for Zhejiang Province two provinces reached Shanghai circumjacent area to appear in succession with " century China couplet " the chain supermarket that enrols as inn, the inn action of these supermarkets and " century couplet China " very similar. For this, joint-stock company of China couplet supermarket to forensic to lodge a complaint.

After quadrangle is tried, Shanghai thinks, the accused violated the company name right of accuser, made unfair competition to accuser, adjudicative the accused stops to be in adornment of interior of inn of action of store of shop of its company name, door, door and commodity label instantly use " China couplet " character, supermarket of century China couplet interlinks Jin Hu limited company and its branch add up to compensatory accuser 500 thousand yuan.

The person that copy is risked also is risked by others copy

Be in on July 6, when the court decision comes out to already had 5 days as a result, the reporter saw in river peaceful area one just ends the supermarket that decorate, those who use still is green bottom wrongly written or mispronounced character " century China couplet " inn action. Inside the urban district, of and other places of street country fair " century China couplet " remain as before. The reporter was dialed again yesterday " century China couplet " join in phone, this company personage dashs along: "Can join in now, 5 years 6000 yuan join in cost... " everything does not have a change it seems that.
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