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Avoid tort solves 100 accept easy name to block this offer
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Manage through endless official of 6 years " dismiss 100 offer " brand is " Zhang Yu " have other trademark solely to think way each -- ,

Our newspaper reporter reports yesterday, the reporter discovers some brand bishop already will " Cabernet " bishop is incognito " Kabenna " , in order to avoid what the likelihood is faced with " dismiss 100 offer " intellectual property dispute.

Be in early this year on June 23, the country is industrial and commercial committee of evaluation of total bureau brand rules " dismiss 100 offer " brand is " Zhang Yu " all later, more than kinds of 30 wine that be in are put on original market, will be faced with in succession be suspected of " tort " predicament. Door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry also expresses, want Zhangyu to inform against only, in the market of current other trademark " dismiss 100 offer " the product is investigated likely at any time.

■ " dismiss 100 offer " brand Gui Zhangyu has a brand incognito avoid dispute

Yesterday, the reporter is in a few supermarkets of Beijing to discover, some original bid " dismiss 100 offer " the bishop of the brand changes a name stealthily. Like bishop " CabernetSauvignon " what translate before is " interpret 100 Na Suwei's father in law " , but it changes the name into now " block this Na Suwei's old man " . The salesperson expresses, the likelihood is the businessman is in be on guard the risk of tort, changed a name actively. The Chinese that the CabernetSauvignon of line of business of wine of international of another eagle cereal translates is Jiabennasha power thick, did not use " dismiss 100 offer " model of written characters.

■ " dismiss 100 offer " be registered to be brand other company cannot reoccupy

"Dismiss 100 offer " trademark dispute lasted 6 years. On May 8, 2001, zhang Yu to the country industrial and commercial bureau of total bureau brand applies for " dismiss 100 offer " brand is registered, brand bureau allotted in April 2002 register certificate. This one application sufferred power dragon, medium the opposition of the enterprise such as grain Great Wall, dynasty. They think, "Cabernet " the name that one word is the breed of grape of a kind of brew that originates in French south, "Dismiss 100 offer " the interpreter that is pair of this French names, had made the current name of a kind of product.

Zhang Yu respect points out, 1937, via the approval of bureau of industrial department brand at that time, zhang Yu company was registered formally " dismiss 100 offer " brand, will 70 years regard brand as to use its all the time, it is the Promethean brand of piece of abundant company.

The opinion of brand evaluation committee is, "Dismiss 100 offer " be not Chinese Phonetic Alphabet to secure a vocabulary, and " Cabernet " between did not form fixed corresponding concern, and in the grape breed directory that publishs formally already in our country, also do not have at all " dismiss 100 offer " this breed. Because this does not belong to grape and vinous legal and current name.
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