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Stage endowment sells field embellish luck to will be in in August greatly mansi
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Value two sides " 3 " , when each giant project of stage endowment science and technology " look up and down " when Xiamen, service line of business already go ahead of the rest " march " Xiamen. This year first half of the year, mansion of Taiwan straight fetch sets project approving newly look 66, jump reside each to invest origin ground first place. Among them, include Taiwan large and retail supermarket " embellish luck " with Taiwan " An Bao hospital " .

June, stage endowment is retail supermarket " limited company of embellish luck business " obtain approval of Department of Commerce to establish, this project always invests 4.2 million dollar, contract foreign capital 2.1 million dollar, the Kang Cheng that establishs in Shanghai by group of Taiwan embellish peaceful (China) investment sex company comes mansion invests, the supermarket is set in bazaar of underground of gymnasium of our city worker, area 28 thousand square metre, predict the practice end August.

After hospital of afterwards ancient Chinese name for Venus, domain of sanitation of our city medical treatment uses foreign capital to have new breakthrough again. Turn by Taiwan the specialized subject hospital of our city of investment of the 3rd ground " An Bao hospital " obtain Department of Commerce to approve, this project is enterprise of collaboration of China and foreign countries, always invest 2.85 million dollar, contract foreign capital 1.4 million dollar, be engaged in service of medical treatment of specialized subject hospital, widened our city and domain of sanitation of Taiwan medical treatment communicate cooperative space.

Bureau of city foreign capital says, the integral trend that sets foreign capital project newly to drop with whole town is reverse, taiwan (do not contain the 3rd ground) investment project is set newly to present growth state in mansion. This year first half of the year, mansion of Taiwan straight fetch sets project approving newly look 66, than going up growth of year of the corresponding period 8.2% , 31.7% what occupy whole town to set project number newly, occupy first place of each origin ground; Set project contract stage newly endowment 40.62 million dollar, relatively go up growth of year of the corresponding period 50% , use stage endowment actually 75.43 million dollar, grow 49% .

Since this year, the Taiwan businessman basically involves electron, dress, plastic products, mould, beverage to make in the investment of manufacturing industry, the industry such as illume, metal and handicraft, stage endowment invests main field to sanitation of software industry, wholesale retail trade, medical treatment and business affairs serve industry in tertiary industy.