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Product of furnace of 9 in relief electromagnetism is put in serious quality ble
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1, face plate quality is poor, have break, maintenance technician lets change at one's own expenses. 2, 12 big fittings are protected 6 years, my advocate board a fittings that go up (I also do not make give what name) bad, maintenance technician, let change at one's own expenses advocate board. Think quality of 9 in relief small home appliance is good all the time, so, the soya-bean milk machine in the home, juicer bought 9 this world. Because this is known, bought electromagnetism furnace to arrive the 9 positive monopolistic report of Henan anxiety city. When buying, brand shop personnel, saying is smallpox random compose, this it may not be a bad idea that it may not be a bad idea, 12 big fittings change freely 6 years. As consumer, 12 big fittings, change freely 6 years, that still has what trouble back at home, soya-bean milk machine of Jiashangjiali is being used pretty good still, that is bought. Result, the quality that did not think of stove of 9 electropositive porcelain is so poor, it is timer used 3 months first bad, today, used a year many, finish in the morning the meal is not bad good, electromagnetism furnace stopped, did not think of a hour is controlled, (because want to come loose,heat up, did not unplug power source from socket come down) , oneself buzz to come loose noisily remove heat to come, already did not have any effect by the pushbutton such as switch again. Send 9 this world to maintain a station (sale and maintenance are) , saying is advocate board knead dough board is bad, want to change, need 120 yuan of money (advocate board 65, face plate 55) , is what I say to be bought at that time to say 6 years to protect? Maintenance technician says, advocate board protect a year, want to be less than really, 12 big fittings do not include actually advocate board. When be being bought since after-thought, brand shop salesperson, acceptance must be how smallpox random compose, that feels even if the 9 this world inside 6 years won't give an issue, giving an issue also can change freely. Now only advocate board a part that go up became bad (say according to maintenance technician, be from below medicinal powder sirocco fan drinks water or other liquid burned out) , want oneself to change actually, let a person have kind of feeling that be deceived. Ask him fittings is not to protect 6 years? He is pointing to advocate board a few electronic parts that go up say to me, this is protected 6 years, that is protected 6 years, with respect to what have bad only that is not protected. Do not have method, I say to change. Come to an agreement or understanding was taken the following day in the morning at 12 o'clock, result till me when midday is taken when 5 o'clock, had not given outfit, I waited 50 minutes in that, maintenance technician begins to change to me advocate board knead dough board, I see advocate board going up is full of dirt, apparent unlike new, asked, is this new advocate board? Maintenance technician says solemnly, assuring is new advocate board, point to the position of carbon fin next, say you look, this had not been used. Result, after be being changed, receive electrify source to try, all the time give an alarm, maintenance technician says advocate board short circuit. Overhauled a period of time, cannot find problem place. Was to surprised to blame really, new advocate board also can appear advocate board short circuit. Do not have method, maintenance technician, say you will be taken tomorrow again, it is to won't appear commonly of this kind of circumstance. The beautiful electromagnetism furnace of my neighbour advocate board knead dough board is bad, in Yu Cheng Xin Huashu inn is bought, used 2 years many, give again changed freely new. Furnace of 9 in relief electromagnetism, the person lets very sad really after your quality and your carry out. Let the product that how you buy again after me! !
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