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Hang out his shingle 3 years " good much " Jin Cheng inn by doubt whether can pr
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"Good much " fascia is in the city that do not have stannum road boundary hanged Qing Yang road and Jin Cheng more than 3 years, can not open business all the time, this makes the Wang Apo that lives in 5 stars home very interrogative, she is called yesterday " contemporary information " , asking is what work style after all.

Wang Apo entered 5 stars home 2004, before long by 5 stars home good much supermarket is being built in the center, at the beginning of 2005 " good much " the brand is hanged formally also outside, but left etc right wait even if did not see a supermarket open business. Wang Apo thinks this supermarket won't open business, but the portion had again in September 2007 " good much " the stuff of the supermarket comes to send member check, saying is a supermarket the portion can open business for certain in November 2007, let Wang Apo go to moment. "Can arrive all the time now in July 2008 portion, the supermarket opens business to still do not have a shadow, member card does not know to be thrown where by me. " Wang Apo says, "I this year already many years old 70, wanted to have originally ' good much ' buy dish to ramble later the supermarket need not take a bus to run to ooze garden new residential quarter again, but this is not flicker person!

Pay close attention to on the net " good much " when the information of practice is very much also. This year on April 29, trade of classics of the city that do not have stannum appoint with respect to 5 stars home by " good much " the message that still does not have practice for what gives out answer. Answer says: Good much supermarket is involved and buy matters concerned again, concerned formalities is being dealt with in, this supermarket is protracted time is really longer, express regret greatly here, the government is being coordinated with all possible means, hope can at an early date practice, serve circumjacent and broad resident. Besides the hearsay that buys, also personage of know the inside story says " good much " fail up to now because touch,practice is on the country opens business about the supermarket the bottleneck of relevant policy, when practice still remains the branch is examined and approve related the country.

But " good much " the Shanghai headquarters response to two kinds of afore-mentioned views is quite cautious, ministry of this company public relations expresses about the personage, without stannum " good much " the practice schedule that Jin Cheng inn did not make clear really, but its reject to divulge fail the specific reason of practice.