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Hopeful of supermarket of domestic happy blessing " stay " abundant Hua Donglu
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Yesterday morning, make rich shopping square of China area square north and foundation stone laying ceremony of project of happy spray garden are held, this project is provincial capital implementation " change 3 years greatly appearance " since project of the first of start working large-scale construction.

Square north shopping square and project of happy spray garden are couplet body project, this project is located in the Dong Anyu of river of common feelings of people to the south of sports main street the downtown position of north of China way way, before tearing open change to transform, here once was pulverous metallurgy factory is reached presswork factory seat. Collect should be after project building household of large supermarket, general merchandise, meal, recreation, intelligence changes business affairs office, residence the city at an organic whole is integrated project, by Dong Yuan Inc. of group of north of street river north invests build, always cover an area of a face to accumulate 57000 square metre, total investment makes an appointment with 2 billion yuan. This project is north and south by its function cent two parts, the south is shopping centre, north is high-level residence village. Three-layer of shopping square underground, on the ground 5, floor area 150 thousand square metre. Two high-grade office building 27, area 54 thousand square metre.

Current, le Fu of home of as well-known as international already trademark signed shopping square project cooperative intent. Of supermarket of domestic happy blessing enter halt, will shop for square north square and all round commerce brings business chance.