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Created to lead the Green Wave cooking ASTAR
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Carbon into fashion in the green today, China's cookware industry leaders Electric Co., Ltd. Zhejiang ASD groundbreaking cooking utensils made of green philosophy, and actively practice the low-carbon environmental mission, leading the new trend of green cooking. First, the industry's first concept of the proposed green cookware Has been concern about the cookware industry are in a safe, healthy, easy to use, etc., for the green, low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving low concern, especially in this new field of green cookware, few companies involved. With the continuous progress of the urbanization process, people have a general quality of life improve, people have begun to gradually increase the importance of quality of life, especially the enhanced quality of life of the kitchen focus. ASTAR has been committed to using technology to lead healthy lives, to become an advocate for the green kitchen, in order to make the product in the industry leader in technology development, ASD into the new design concept, the active use of new technology, new materials, new style, to change the traditional cooking with high-tech products, promoting the green, environmentally friendly non-stick cooking without fume, these fashionable and stylish design, advanced product features a launch market, it has won wide acclaim in the market by consumers. With the gradual expansion of the market such products and consolidation of the concept of social increasing popularity of low-carbon environment, ASD through a comprehensive feedback on the market research and analysis, boldly proposed a "green kitchen" this new concept, and with the participation Expo good time, a comprehensive publicity campaign, using television, network, Focus Media, newspapers, magazines, body advertising, the terminal image of the other carriers, the ELT to the "green kitchen" concept spread to every consumer minds in the industry, causing a "green cooking," the new trend, and create a new era of Chinese cooking green. Second, the first to buy carbon emissions, action interpretation of green philosophy In the active dissemination of the concept of green cookware, has introduced a low-carbon quality and cheap green products, ASTAR also the first in the industry through the purchase of private enterprises in the World Expo Museum of carbon emissions the way, signing Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange, the practice of "low Carbon kitchen, the green life "business philosophy, help private enterprises to achieve zero carbon emissions Museum, truly low-carbon Expo. Meanwhile, the ASD with the China Quality Certification Center signed a strategic cooperation agreement, focusing on energy conservation, low carbon, environmental, health and other issues of cooperation, the mission on how to practice low-carbon industries, to achieve depth of the green revolution in cooking, to lead the industry restructuring and upgrading. In the strategic framework agreement, the China Quality Certification Center will ASTAR production of kitchen supplies, small appliances and other products for energy-saving product certification, is conducive to promoting the wider use of green low-carbon life the concept of green consumption habits of the consumer culture. Moreover, the purchase of private enterprises in the Expo Hall of carbon emissions, but ASTAR low carbon, a small part of environmental responsibility. ASTAR has been committed to the development, production, marketing more energy-efficient, energy saving, water saving, fuel-efficient health products, advocates of each family as a unit, to reduce carbon emissions the kitchen to achieve healthy cooking, healthy living, and specifically specified promoting environmental protection, low-carbon products, the goal, a series of energy saving, low-carbon technology continues to be applied to more products. ASTAR most important use of shaped end of patented energy-saving cooking than ordinary cooking more than 10% energy saving in the domestic market has been widely welcomed in the global marketing, the world will make a greater contribution to energy saving .