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Chen-Lin: From Tinker to Chinese cooking king
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Chen-Lin in the industry have a "pot crazy" nickname. His seventh eight hours per day, not buried in his dazzling variety of cooking utensils in the kitchen is busy pondering the latest style. No matter what kind of pot, as long as he spotted two eyes, and its production process immediately able to say so. With this hard work is fresh and clever dice Jin, Chen-Lin raised thousands of dollars from the 1987 run started from the family factory, step by step, work hard, become a Chinese cooking tycoon. His company, ASD has become one of the best cookware industry leading enterprises. The end of 80s of last century, foreign non-stick products into the domestic market. An exhibition in Beijing, and Chen-Lin and the non-stick "accidental." A few days later, back-Lin Chen Wenling, incredible way to start a non-stick pan hands. . In the first year the output value reached 300 million. In 1994, the United States authorized by ASD with DuPont "Teflon" coating pan with a flag. Teflon and long-term cooperation Du Bangte directly enhance the ASD product quality and taste, this "wear-resistant, non-stick" cookware products in the market so popular. Soon-Lin Chen scored their products almost all of the internationally renowned supermarket. In the Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Metro and other international chain stores, ASTAR selling similar products, and integrated into the international system of global procurement chain stores. Chen-Lin, driven by innovative ideas, ASTAR pioneered many industry first, access to national patent 193, participate in national or industrial non-stick pan, no oil Yan Guo, aluminum pressure cooker, stainless steel pressure cooker, electric pressure cookers and other five standard drafting. The company was also rated as high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province, patent model enterprises. Chen-Lin also elected as the hardware industry, vice chairman of the Committee of Experts, Taizhou technical top-notch talent.