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Wang Jiafen: New stay away from home
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Mental bingle, light grid covers skirt, line is worn inside the underwear side Lei Sihua of a black, wang Jiafen looks very cheerful. She is mixed in a not big assembly room our meeting. Her not big new office is next door, a piece of desk, an empty bookshelf, hanging on the wall shallow green glass is written board.

This will be on May 8, this " lacteal industry queen " the 4th day when join in source capital does discipline to begin its brand-new VC career copartner, formally. In this around, wang Jiafen follows Ji Yuan one copartner sees investment project together. That by " look " entrepreneur to the companion exclaim of king: "Did you invite Wang Jiafen? ! !!

Before two many months, wang Ci went bright milk industry (love, prices, information) president post, retire from light thoroughly. The palm door person that retires from the state-owend enterprise is very much, but Wang Ye is made is Chinese business circles will do VC by transition of person of door of palm of traditional industry state-owend enterprise " the first person " . Before this, by VC of industrial group transition is the sea puts in poineering clique 's charge mostly, had accepted the investment of VC, and basically center in the domain such as IT, telegraphic, Internet. All without exception such as Shen Napeng, Ding Jian, Tian Suning, Wu Ying, Lei Jun, Tang Yue, Shao Yibo, Zhu Min, Deng Feng is such.

King it is among them state-owend enterprise clique, also be this in the center one of very few females. Last year in September, ma Xue is asked for, associate group (prices, information, comment) before after CFO is emeritus, also joined in TPG of fund of illicit collect equity. Nevertheless, these transition example are done not have to Wang Bing how old influence, she is not familiar to them, also had not sought advice from them. Even if the wind that similar one's previous experience consumes moral course of study quickly casts a He Baiquan, wang Ye had not been handed in with him. Wang Neng writes down " example " it is Duan Yongping only. In be interviewed this, she to " Chinese entrepreneur " say: "You reported Duan Yongping before, say a batch of entrepreneur go making investment home. " but she feels these have nothing to do with with her at that time. She is informed by friends now: A batch of emeritus entrepreneur transition VC will be the tide of the times.

But Wang Shui she is not for follow the fashion. Him respecting transition, king used 5 words to describe: "The arrangement of the destiny. "The arrangement of the destiny..

Leave bright

On January 24, 2007, wang Jiafen resigned light breeds the post of employment general manager, withheld president one duty. Wang Yu offerred resignation actively to the board of directors in December 2006. Da Nenggang just announced leave light to turn at that time and cooperate with unconscious ox. Wang Jiafen thinks he will lead this to follow amount to can, the battle that follows Meng Niu does not have a problem completely, but the long-term consideration from light, she feels to be worth the opportune moment that chooses successor right now. "Future will be the fierce fight of a very miserable intense 3 years. The war lets a person get taking exercise. General manager is practice medium, hit what in going all out, hit. " on the other hand Wang Ye knows him that he must be retreated. The bright group that establishs newly in August 2006 provided 55 years old of emeritus fixed number of year, wang Gang just arrived at that time the age. Because have have sex transfer period, after she knows more than one year, oneself are about to leave light.
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