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Zun Xiaolei: The stock market the first risk is shareholder oneself
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Add the stock market after breath to soare not to know capital market because of the shareholder only

7 years ago, a You Zunxiao bud and his gentleman Shang Min drafts jointly " college enlarge is enrolled " proposal book hands in the concerned leader central, facilitated the dynamic that a few years subsequently university enlarge enrols, this is first time of macroscopical policy of she what still reside abroad personally at that time and China is contacted intimately, after 7 years, she becomes an economist that holds a post in compose of certificate business chance. Study abroad the United States, teach the United States, Singapore, Philippine wait for a country the experience of famous university, let her more freely applies international eye shot to understand condition of Chinese macroscopical economy to reach nowadays the destiny of Chinese stock market of in full swing.

When accepting special report of our newspaper reporter recently, the heat problem with the current to Chinese economy point of view that left dawn Lei Conghong watchs economics -- occurrence the whole story of prospective economic situation, high inflation and outlet of capital market future, undertook discussing.

Speak of the stock market problem that common people cares, zun Xiaolei thinks, chinese stock market is very young, the question is very simple, macroscopical to understanding truly investor economy and capital market are the first important or urgent business, because the biggest risk of the stock market is not,originate policy comes from shareholder oneself however. About Chinese economy future, zun Xiaolei is confident, below active condition, chinese economy is valued for a long time, the key is how to solve the crisis that appears ceaselessly to reach those who forecast a result all sorts of problems.

Wonderful ana:

China and United States are different, the United States has driving economic actual strength and place of powerful dollar standard, chinese place does not have these requirements, chinese stock market is too young, conform prematurely with wall street, apparent China plays not to rise. Because this China needs the way that his stock market develops, rely on a tradition completely to appear on the market namely the company will support the market, when interior of Chinese stock market the relation was straightened, when reaching the level that speaks with the world truly, will consider to derive the market and world to conform again.

Zun Xiaolei brief introduction:

Zun Xiaolei, galactic negotiable securities is presiding economist. Obtained the Nuo in American Yi to depend on college doctor's degree in August 1992, statistic of economy of Cengren Singapore state-maintaineding university fastens associate professor of college of instructor, Asia government. Research a field: Finance of econometrics, international, security market, the paper is published in the respect such as finance of econometrics, international, security market more than 50.
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