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Jiang Ping: Kiss war of money of all previous wall street
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As special as Suoluosi, Ba Fei, Roger this wait for global finance to invest the famous big shop sign inside the circle people photograph comparing, jiang Ping more resembling is a profession of potential wall street the investment ace that invests a benthic.

He is in recently a year gain fame result from American professional magazine " the member that trade " an a list of names posted up of monthly magazine is odd. According to this magazine the appraise through comparison April 2007, the capital that surpass a gram runs a company (SAC) president river is smooth with 100 million ascend to year of income between 100 million 50 million dollars personally " 100 top negotiant " . God-given is, the income on sheet of a list of names posted up passes 100 million person it is pair of strong fund bosses that have sth used to one's own advantage of a huge sum almost, so complete like Jiang Ping by trade outstanding achievement is selected person solid belong to scarce, and this also is list of elite of finance of this whole world in, the name of first time occurrence Chinese.

Chinese finance talked 2007 endowment numerous. Arrive from building city the stock market, arrive from pork fuel, asset value and consumable prices in pairs are climbed litre; " monetary war " sadly pop chart of best seller of lord it over.

In contest Yuniuyaomanhadu's office accepts gram endowment standard " Chinese entrepreneur " when the special interview, 10 will appear and disappear for years " monetary war " the Jiang Ping of forward position thinks, alleged those who the organization has plot beforehand, government and big bank combination to start " monetary war " view and the discovery that its say is Jing day, be inferior to more resembling is dilettante subjective. He thinks, overmuch ground emphasizes " monetary war plot is talked " , blend in international banking system to China and do not have advantage.

Dan Jiangping pays close attention to the grim challenge that the dollar that drops continuously and investment of Chinese foreign currency face from this closely. New York of not long ago holds annual meeting of Chinese banking association, jiang Ping is with a theme " weak force dollar and the challenge that the whole world invests " speech, cause Chinese finance to encircle what Xiaofan surrounds to shake. Jiang Ping says: "The RMB will rise abruptly gradually for a kind of cosmopolitan money, the great Bo Yijiang of its and dollar can be one of has historical sense most event that all previous kisses in our lifetime. The great Bo Yijiang of its and dollar can be one of has historical sense most event that all previous kisses in our lifetime..

River of 42 years old makes the same score student about, show slightly gaunt, look bright, taking hour to be in the sort of alert status of live wire.

Make empty dollar

Lei Man's brother is the start of career of river smooth wall street.

1995, lei Man's brother devalues than all alone because of Mexico damage, credit is demoted, the Latin America foreign currency of the company trades an exist in name only. The Jiang Ping that just entered Lei Man from Stanford university just is in at first technical support branch works, be not the member that a gleam of trades. The yen that some client Lai Leiman enquires a certain structure is complex derives price pattern. Want to know, the member that the company deals and analyst count systematic model commonly, be based on Newyork city field result of computation of common ramification price. But do not have the any yen ramification setting, Jiang Ping that also had not contacted company ramification model to sign up for bade case through mental arithmetic at that time, antedate model computation result many minutes 20, both error is very small. A attendant advanced the member that trade decides to invite Jiang Ping to enter at once trade branch, he goes to assign do a future life looking to put a chance in other people is almost of 0 trade than all alone.
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