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Buffett: Now to Europe familial deal
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Often say oneself need to ponder over environmental Buffett independently, be in this in May however the activity is frequent. It is the shareholder plenary meeting that in Aomaha the city holds 30 thousand person to attend at the beginning of the month first, with old partner case of awn of the · that check put in order solves partner to quiz together; After that the middle ten days of a month is far go to Europe, make an on-the-spot investigation in 4 ground of Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy early or late, with place household company steers a boat the person has illicit close communication.

In Buffett in the travel of the Europe May, international of mulberry of Swiss the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces runs an institute (IMD) is his important one station, be opposite because of its without exception the research long-standing of household company. " Chinese entrepreneur " in connect a line for a short while the professor Qiaojimu Shi that IMD and Buffett undertook communicating gas (JoachimSchwass) and partial student, try to learn Buffett is native land to the United States foreign enterprise course of study, especially the investment information of household company.

Buffett this year 78 years old. In the investment career that did not come in him, does household company of China have what become him to invest without the likelihood to leave one station?

Go to Europe extending big family of Bai Kexi Er

-- the profit before duty 75 million dollar;

-- have market competition advantage;

-- good economic atmosphere;

-- keep for a long time successful;

-- abound administrative layer of passion and the administrative pattern that keep consistent with the history;

-- the business that sees so that understand.

Above is Buffett opens the buys European household company postulate that go out, and such standard applies to Baikexier likewise an any companies that allude on group annual report.

It is early 7 years ago, buffett pays close attention to the investment that is in Europe, among them pull wires person is business of Italian oil refining -- Salasi company (Saras) vice-president Angelo Molate. Molate is in 10 old before with respect to average the stock of company of Bai Kexi Er, special to Ba Fei investment mode praise highly comes extremely. 2000, he passes NetJets of subsidiary of Bai Kexi Er and Buffett to be acquainted.

At the beginning of 2001, molate organized domestic banquet, invite entrepreneur of about 50 Europe and Ba Fei special meeting. At that time, besides financial personage, what European entrepreneur knows to this American investment Great Master is very little. Buffett predicts at that time, exchange rate of dollar add euro can go soft further, he has fun at the investment that increases pair of Europe businesses.

To Ba Fei is special May this year the travel of this Europe, angelo Molate says: "The main purpose that Ba Fei goes hereby is with Europe a few traditions steer a boat familially the person talks directly. His idea is, come in the community that the European one part time of these preeminent household companies can join Baikexier. Come in the community that the European one part time of these preeminent household companies can join Baikexier..
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