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The way that the future of agency develops
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Now and then chat together with a few friends, speak of a link in present market---Agency.
A sound: Present agency is uneasy. You see present big environment what making medium of communication is compressed change, manufacturer also is making the market directly. Had cast agency group.
A sound: Ah, present agency embarrasses quite really, manufacturer does not reach the designated position tardy to the policy of promise, taking in the hand one crowded market charge voucher, sign up for no less than coming namely. Compensate was sent greatly.
A sound: Hear Xxx manufacturer is direct the chain supermarket such as homeward Le Fu, Woerma offers money. The market limits of agency was compressed again together. The market that does not have agency later.
A voice says again: . . . . . Etc. Anyhow is about agency live the case that compares hardships. Everybody you my expressing oneself view of one language mixes one character view.
Hear wears what these differ case, reflecting same problem. The agency that is the intermediate link at manufacturer and market then so was abandoned flintily by the market? Did not develop? What are our dealer friends considering? How to develop again?
Should say, the development of the market is those who go against intermediate link have larger development space. Just go against, is not to did not develop a space. The reason has: It is the work up of market economy, changed the product sale below system of past planned economy; 2 be abroad's advanced government idea swarm into; The 3 attention that are certain manufacturer are short-term interest; The 4 development that are retail access.
The author thinks, agency still has very large development space in Chinese development, agency need not worry completely for this. Reason is as follows: One, the market economy progress that abroad develops has had history of about a hundred years to now, just also have today's success. And our country no more than just developed 20 old ah, not be to still be in conform. This explained, the development of the market still has very large development space, because China still is developing, it is a developing country. 2 be, of the concept of market sale management of a nowadays from introducing generation productivity is to have a process, only those accord with Chinese national condition, be proved to be effective. Still lie to adjust and learn the phase of test and verify now. 3 be, chinese region is vast, population is much, the lopsided sex that economy grows decided one kind consumes channel kind is the requirement that cannot satisfy customer. Ha, dealer friends, should glad, not anxious, this intermediate link returns agency is the space that has development. But not hopeful, one has the person of good market consciousness, know, extreme joy begets sorrow.

So how does agency expand, just do not send by manufacturer, the market, does consumer place fall into disuse? Is the way that the future of agency develops over there?
Want to answer this question, we think to want to begin from two respects:
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