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Liu Fang fastens evil spirit shadow: What? of be apt to of of Dang of saliva of
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Be just as the " Liu Fang like dead soul people " , with the ability in the control the forces of nature on capital market, will a lot of in small medicinal powder door fortune is dallied with at applausing between. The mystery in the mystery, the case in the case- - made a person most 2007 the suspense of stare tongue-tied piece performing in Chinese stock market.

Asing if was to eat philtre, on March 6 after answer card, last full 42 harden, *ST Jin Tai from every unit price 2.981 yuan all the way mad go up to 25.31 yuan, the record that since achieving Chinese stock market 18 years, did not see. Fortune of Huang Junqin of Xin Hengji author's individual soares for a time 141.7 billion, overtake nearly Li Jiacheng's social status. "Go to the ave to see 10 thousand fund, in the one instant that he bows, the money that he earns already 10 times hereat " , " the time of a sneeze, have " of 50 thousand yuan of enter an item in an account... media to its fortune pole all stirs exaggerative word.

On August 30, this play arrived the first turning point, media explodes go out to be fizzled out by large stockholder the 3rd big project of Jin Tai of *ST of Jun Qin infuse- - square of northeast world trade belongs to " to not have according to management " , be saved to build hall to order stop work by Liaoning already, and value has by the suspicion of apparent overmeasure.

From this, *share price of ST gold peaceful one have diarrhoea and below, before will stopping a card on September 11 successive already 7 drop stop. Receive in perch dish medicinal powder door people suffer a prison, animated the risk education that experienced " stock market to the risk needs careful " into city.

Weird gut just just begins.

In August the middle ten days of a month, common cannot again common name- - " of " Liu Fang, begin to enter the line of vision of intentional person.

History go up the strongest medicinal powder door

In *ST Jin Tai one quarterly reports is medium 2007, appeared awesomely a mysterious and natural investor that is called " of " Liu Fang, with hold three million one hundred and twenty-two thousand four hundred a row *ST Jin Tai is the biggest current shareholder. With on August 30 closing quotation price 20.62 yuan plan, deduct 3 yuan or so hold a cost, liu Fang from the net on this stock fifty-five million and sixteen thousand seven hundred yuan.

If be to bump into big carry average " of old a dark horse of a " , it is a your person is jealous at most get rich story. Startling is, outside dividing *ST Jin Tai, "Liu Fang " this name, direct still or appear in secondhand other 12 appear on the market on the current shareholder list of the company- - hold directly plain change electric power of share, Shan, tung Jun Ge, triumphant enlighten share of electric power, 3 annulus 5, hold secondhand new hotel and S fly inferior amount to two, first quarter or hold of the end of the year passed the power inside the cloud last year, build share of hair share, 100 million cities, wide An Aizhong, ST to amount to sound to wait for 5.
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