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How should introduce a product to kin friend!
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How should introduce a product to kin friend! Deal, most the business that be afraid of even if does kin friend, be afraid of go up in the price whether make them satisfactory! Nevertheless, the increasing now member that sell does a sale to be made from kin friend, but if give kin friend introduction product directly, I feel to have a place very not actual, every speak of business side comparing awkwardness with respect to everybody! How should introduce a product to kin friend so?

Above all, make kin friends active ask you make what product as far as possible, telling themselves too actively make what product! No matter the very much member that sell is in of what person before, too active him introduction does what business, it is especially before kin friend, it is sometimes what do needing his to say actively with them do, they also can ask what you do, they ask, the result that always says with them than oneself is close friends! This psychology with the person is concerned

If you make cosmetic, your best introduction method is him after using, letting what they see is the effect, if they see your skin very clean shines and the word of very rich flexibility, you also are not eager to saying is the product that uses him firm, you should wait for them to continue to ask you, they can continue to ask you certainly " you are use what cosmetic ah " , at this moment you just begin to introduce a product not late also! Others mouth enquires more actively than oneself be close friends 100 times!

If oneself are done the product is general if the person has demand, how that introduces and that need not be recommended, a lot of people meet what enquire actively to you! Before I am very long, had bought a little work to put, low-cost, quality is reliable, after redemptive home, I am the office that is placed in the home, every time somebody comes be a guest when, I can put some of music listen, friend of a lot of kin is very curious to this, ask me this result is put pretty good oh, you buy? I say yes, what do you know he says? He says to also help him buy, although I am not to sell result those who put, but I already understood a reason!

Suggest finally even if: In kin friend before, not be eager to saying oneself is to make what product of what product, had better say less " I search if having need " such word! If be before kin friend, introduce oneself product too often, can make kin friend difficult do, do not buy feel embarrassed again, buy do not have reason again! Those who regard kin as the friend, if they care you, can ask you make what product, be informed you is after making what product, their meeting engrave is in heart, if having need, the meeting on the horse remembers you. Oneself think, does people ask you surpass you to tell others actively? Such meetings reduce everybody's awkwardness, what say namely feel embarrassed!