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Rational sale, company ability goes further
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Rational sale, company ability goes further   goes, sale person is carrying a big package on the back namely to the person's impression, walk the ave is off-street, be chanted be have a glib tongue, for this, generation sale person grows a song to should cry.
A few years ago, market sale major was offerred in the university, branch department school returns the ministry to set EMBA course, famous sale organizer and company CEO are in on invitation again and again school discourse on an academic subject, some still became the visiting professor of many schools. Sale, already became a sociological branch of universities and colleges, competitive height is brought about in information explosion coessential those who change today, battalion has 1 million main force inside sell course of study, there is the graduation main force that swarms into ceaselessly outside, huge obtain employment market makes sale post blossom everywhere. Ugly small duckling became a white swan, this is the thing that dare not imagine 20 years ago.
The times of person of a sale came!
The catchword with preferential economy crosses everything high, be in inside course of study a few rifer sale business consults a company, hold dish of hand each is " touch a stone and turn it into gold " ace, the sale case that roll out 3 fold, your bring the dying back to life of a lot of products.
Common saying says, "Ai Bing is defeated surely " , in the market competition that in the sale method and gimmick mature increasingly, the rely heavily on sb's service that the enterprise engineers to sale is bigger and bigger, have especially very person, certain business slants all right greatly the door, cast the itself of product value, make game greatly on the plan, return call it by a good name of " new sale " , with a kind of wrong sale way in the market " gather " come " gather " go, cheated consumer to still make whole sale group unconscious not only be ashamed.
Evil make sale
Nowadays is " motherland situation auspicious " , bring evilly instead the business circles of wind be current that do, many " able person " dally with sale at in the palm, ace of a few plans inspects sale to be " plasticene " , hold in the hand at will will be held, want to be able to achieve profit goal only, be in charge of it to whether accord with public morality or legal laws and regulations, "Edge ball " emerge in endlessly.
In some concoctive proposals, sale person lets a businessman be when practice celebration, scatter a RMB from the plane, cause whole town sensation; When selling a product, let an actor act national leader to go sales promotion, full market of red guarder rank goes; Groom on the class, the member that just entered the sale of duty goes doing beggar, still cast cast the word says is to be able to arouse human body potential; On performance assessment, the person that make outstanding achievement the poorest mutual slap sb in the face, saying is to be able to enhance group efforts power etc...
Of pattern, it is unimaginably queer making a person really.
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