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Terminal is displayed -- the beginning of all jobs
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Reasonable commodity is displayed can rise to reveal commodity, stimulation sale, convenient buy, all sorts of main effect of shopping environment of managing space, beautification. According to statistic, storefront is configured like what can use commodity correctly and display a skill, sale can rise on original basis 10% . Accordingly, how had made this face an one foot, terminal is displayed is the beginning of all jobs. Market terminal, simple for, contained 3 elements only: Commodity (gift) , exhibit a stage (POP) , person. Accordingly, terminal displays also will include: Commodity is displayed, gift is displayed, POP is displayed, 4 respects such as staff state. One, commodity displays France to have sentence very famous be in business adage: "Even if the fruit is vegetable, also want to resemble drawing from nature of a still life be being arranged artisticly in that way, the aesthetic feeling because of commodity can the desire to buy of the client since hold up looks. " effective commodity displays the desire to buy that can cause consumer, make its adopt buy the operation. Do good commodity to display besides must follow a few basic principles, it is gender, good to include to be able to gain profit outside displaying 6 respects such as dot, appeal, convenient sex, the price, firm sex, still must satisfy with below 9 big principles: 1, advocate hit a product to must be put in advocate exhibit advocate exhibit it is the position that shows the client sees the most easily, namely advocate exhibit it is to be located in advocate on the passageway exhibit a stage parallelly with client level line of sight. In advocate exhibit it is OK to go up undertake differring according to selling strategy commodity is displayed, for example: During sales promotion, can put sales promotion type, the purpose is to raise a sale to reach rate; During promotion, can put taste newly, form product, the purpose is the figure promotion that adds a product. 2, convenient introduction principle is convenient introductory principle is to show the product of special offer, sell like hot cakes is put in take easily, of the introduction exhibit a stage, put in namely advocate exhibit around. The commodity of special offer, sell like hot cakes is to go up the commodity of the quantity, in terminal sale process, need has product explanation regularly, the process of explanation needs to interact with the client again at the same time, because of commodity of this special offer, sell like hot cakes display need to satisfy convenient introduction principle. 3, perpendicular principle is perpendicular displaying is to show ground of congener commodity from the top down is displayed be in or inside a group of goods shelves, the client is one-time see all goods can easy to doly clear. The comparison of convenient client and choose and buy, also go to the lavatory to undertake contrasting selling explaining with the salesperson at the same time. 4, congener put together is congener put together is the product that points to property of akin type, akin function is paratactic display the stage is exhibited to go up in, the explanation of the comparison of convenient consumer and salesperson. 5, principle of span principle span is point to a product display cannot arrange cheek by jowl, must leave the span with have certain, convenient when introducing a product take out with put. 6, principle of sex of correlation of associated sex principle is to show utility similar complementary sex goods constitutes similar, use circumstance together to display, can raise consumer preference to reach those who buy goods is easy degree, can achieve correlation to buy with associate bought photograph takes the effect. 7, most staple commodity repeats an appearance to repeat a pattern is to show the condition that allows in the space that exhibit a stage falls, right advocate push a product to repeat a decoration, form strong visual result. 8, displaying a principle to display a principle completely completely is to show every exhibit a stage to must want to exhibit a product, exhibit a stage to cannot appear empty buy. When if do not have adequate product model,be being displayed, should use the form that repeats a pattern exhibit a stage to display full, achieve a kind of strong vision result. 9, quits drawing near brand principle: Of commodity display need quits drawing near the information of the brand. Above 9 big principles are the principle that terminal displays need to abide by, specific commodity is displayed will be a basis according to above principle, according to the promotion of different period of time the politic, circumstance that exhibit a stage undertakes be adjustmented appropriately. 2, the intent that gift displays gift is to increase the additional cost of the product to raise the satisfaction of consumer to spend, carry the clinch a dealing of expensive product to lead thereby. Gift is not add casually article, communicate consumer through gift a blame is bought cannot reason. Because of this gift display should put in the client most first, the place that sees the most easily. 1, gift needs to be put in advocate on the passageway, consume the place that this sees the most easily; 2, gift need and POP undertake associated displaying: Let consumer see gift () value and function, let gift learn to talk. 3, gift wants and ground of commodity form a complete set piles up together, such, can make a client clear already, the member that prevent a sale needs explanatory labor, still can let a client have an intuitionistic feeling. 4, gift as far as possible the biggest change display: Affecting the line of sight, circumstance that assures safety to fall, what gift should pile caboodle head as far as possible is taller. 3, POP is displayed in the retail trade with current intense competition, hold the position of consumer and shopkeeper between intermediary POP advertisement more and more the important instrument that makes stimulative sale outstanding achievement. Of POP reasonable apply, can supersede the function of sales promotion personnel not only, cut staff cost, can achieve the goal that increases sale more. Accordingly, it is very important also that the POP of brand shop is displayed. POP displays main need to satisfy 5 principles in terminal: 1, repeat unified principle: It is the repetition that shows POP must be united is displayed, achieve strong visual result. Same exhibit a stage, sell a sales promotion information that does not allow to display two kinds of different content at the same time, product information to wait a moment. 2, compendious principle: The design of POP had better be in 7 words less than. 3, symmetrical principle: It is to no matter be the horizontal stroke is hanged,point to POP, inclined hang, condole hangs the principle that must want to satisfy semmetry to display, those who achieve a vision to go up is beautiful. 4, the biggest change a fundamental: Point to POP as far as possible most large-scale is displayed, achieve visual percussive result. POP is in exhibit what use on stage, top is most. 5, distinguish a principle: Show POP must want and the distinction of the photograph that exhibit a stage all round, colour should be distinguished. 4, the commodity with staff again good state, in terminal need personnel sale goes out, accordingly, the personnel expression in terminal also is to belong to a terminal to display, the category that figure reveals, he represented the form of the enterprise, and it is whole terminal in popularizing the job, the mainest factor. The content that staff state contains: Entertain a guest accomplishment of quality of manner, profession, personnel and chat skill of the professional skill of the ability of means, carefully watch what sb is doing and saying and adapt oneself to changing circumstances, personnel and practice knowledge, business, right the understanding of company condition and product knowledge, right the understanding of industry and competitive brand, distinction with competitive brand personnel is waited a moment. Terminal is displayed very simple, but repeat do simple business 100 times, the not simple that can change. Accordingly, want to do good terminal to display, need is established above all display scientific view correctly, display aspirant travel to safeguard in later period terminal, improve with optimize. Make terminal, those who go all out is detail, what whose detail does is perfect, who wins the home namely!

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