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Poor dissimilation sale also may be a trap
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The view that offers this viewpoint to have dot and popularity it seems that is antipathetic, because we are telling sale difference to change all the time, brand individuation, saying unique competitive dominant position all the time. Transmit theory to classical now sale and sale from in the past, want how to difference is changed and differ dissimilation in attention almost this problem, USP is such, fractionize market is such, brand theory is such, fixed position thought is such, integrated sale transmission also has this kind of tendency theoretically. Michael Er. Baud thinks the way no more than that creates competitive dominant position is two even: Totle drilling cost precedes and differ dissimilation. Review us however the method in seeking poor dissimilation course and method, connect oneself to also must feel depressed occasionally, because be in the course that pursues poor dissimilation sale, have too much brand or product, what what use is the method that is without poor dissimilation almost. Had had to the attention of this problem very long period of time, exceed this title that exceeds the dissertation that is about to rejoin to do namely this month: " in transmission of poor dissimilation sale kind coessential change an appearance " , of course what he writes is very detailed, at great length 5, 60 thousand words, arrive from theory a case of a physically strong patient running a high fever or suffering from such disorders as stasis of blood, finally kind coessential change as a kind competitive strategy is discussed, although Shang Qian is thorough, but it is good beginning however. Can say for certain almost actually, itself of poor dissimilation sale may become a kind of new sale hook, the mode in this and current market sale changes pursuit to have responsibility greatly, because of the operation method that changes according to mode, although every company even product, especially the brand that those try to establish him personality, be in try compose builds poor dissimilation character, but these products and brand are seeking the way in poor dissimilation process however almost be exactly the same. It when tell simply is OK to when tell simply understand somewhat: It is everybody above all the itself of poor dissimilation theory of place believe in is without difference, you must seek target market in fractionize market, you must have fixed position according to fractionize market and consumer situation, the sale that has specific aim all right according to reentry of this orientation way next travels. And new hook arises possibly in this moment, because from be in at the beginning fractionize market when, the fractionize method that you use is mixed possibly your adversary just the same, the most familiar fractionize pattern that is a foundation with vital statistics, everybody undertakes according to this train of thought, the result that reach does not have how many difference probably. You analysed the market, analysed consumer, analysed a competitor even, how much doesn't your conclusion have to differ with your adversary however finally, when then you go after poor dissimilation very likely again, was immersed in another again new kind coessential change lair. Lift an example to look, it is well-known athletic trademark likewise, in be able to bear or endure gram (NIKE) with Adidasi (ADIDAS) between, besides the difference of brand name, how many can say to reach they have to differ after all? Bao Jie's washing powder " discard be soiled " with what combine benefit China " secret " how many difference to have again China? Still have fine clean person toothpaste and toothpaste of high syrup clean... even if is these with the product with brand bright and celebrated image, very rare also consumer can speak their poor dissimilation feature. For all that, but the sale value that they can reach themselves all the same. This raises the question that thinks further: The first, poor dissimilation sale although the intent is implementation poor dissimilation, but however may not can create brand of dissimilation bussiness trip to agree with; The 2nd, persistence is gone after at differring dissimilation too superstitious even, probable meeting skip turns cranky pit into difference. The young teacher that I once analysed to a very zealous data speaks of this problem, await him in those days already doctoral graduation enters postdoctoral research again, I am to show slightly first gave him archly to set an issue: Is you think your data analyses a method very scientific method? Reply " be " . Ask again next: So the verdict that uses earning of law of this one party to come out should be inevitability conclusion, be only conclusion even? The other side hesitated reply again " be " . Good, decoy was here, your research to same question mixes this that is to say your adviser (a very famous management learns an expert) gets verdict is completely unanimous, the method that uses because of you is complete () same, measure is same, be? Arrived the other side of this one pace does not know how to should reply, because if reply,be affirmative, so my further problem is: The teacher that this shows you and you considers to go up in this problem and do not have the cent of relative superiority or inferiority, those who cent is fastened is a method only just. If the other side answers what whether decide, so the method that I can prove to they use conversely is not science, because they cannot get exact verdict. Of course, whether don't I differ dissimilation theory surely, my individual thinks so far, poor dissimilation still is the most effective method in market sale and sale transmission and method, and how the core of the problem is being run namely at you. Market sale and sale transmission are a very creative work, of the inspiration that its innovation comes from Yu Tiancai on very great sense and experience accumulate, and we the thing that the mode in present operation changes is too much, namely so a few theory, managing the over and over on institute and MBA course, those sale elite that are edified people doing similar work with same way mostly, come so you want not to tread new hook is impossible. These remind us to want to pay close attention to a problem: The final target of market sale is a person, and the person is not simple data, of the change that abounds however can feel. Seeming is Weikeduo. Pluvial fruit is in " maritime labor " wrote on title page so a paragraph of word: "The most capacious on the world is marine, more capacious than ocean is a sky, more capacious than the sky is the person's heart. " sale is the most important is how to hold human nature, occasionally very coessential two brands that turn, although do not have how many difference to change, but people still can have different choice. Because,this is his door besides the self-identity to self interest, oneself also gives an object some differentia dissimilation, this perhaps is coessential change a product to feel the some differentia dissimilation that go up in the brand. Must come back besides here, what I want to emphasize again is: Poor dissimilation is a good thing, but because we create the method of poor dissimilation too kind with, because this does not take care,meet indulge in trap. Sale and sale transmission are accordingly medium, the most important is not attention method and mode, pay close attention to terminal place however " person " .

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