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Retail terminal guides buy standardization (SOP) , let a client enter " interpre
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Previously, the process that the member be sold continuously of HM company explains in terminal, because of accepting district different, of the client different, the member that sell continuously explains the effect of not coequal and numerous element of the level, and show multifarious, optional sex is strong, the characteristic that cannot standardize. This also is the headaches quite problem that all and retail terminal faces China. HM has on 1000 member that sell continuously in terminal, and the level of record of formal schooling of the member that sell continuously for the most part is not high, junior high school or the comparison that high school graduates are much, how can assure all member that sell continuously explain a process, explain content, explain a level to you can maintain unified high level? At Where is completely controlled condition? In the terminal actual combat previously, manual of the member that the terminal that although also resembled industry of other and mature home appliance weaving euqally,the member that apply to terminal to be sold continuously uses is sold continuously " sell a jewel continuously " , but the content inside or opposite theory are changed, the member that sell continuously or the understanding that want him foundation and experience undertake explaining to the client, brought about terminal to explain look although have one's own way,be like, but differ in thousands ways is however on terminal actual combat, multifarious, essential not controlled. SOP (Standard Of Process) the English abbreviation that is standardization work flow. SOP traceable and be applied in manufacturing domain widely, it is one of fundamental management techniques of the manufacturing administration that achieves mass industrialized production. Without SOP, company of production of very difficult imagination can be produced piece many, the standard is uniform, of customer satisfaction, high quality product comes. SOP also is come to by the other sphere that most enterprise introduces business management, for instance book of standard post duty, post work flow of the standard, standard each regulations system. How does that HM company realize the SOP that terminal actual combat explains? The terminal that how can you let the on terminal 1000 member that sell continuously explains " 1000 people one side " " unanimous " ? Through the ceaseless practice of terminal and summary, the terminal SOP tool that the author is HM company research and development and made oneself - " guideline of consumer choose and buy " , regard terminal as explaining main and auxiliary tool, popularize energetically in terminal, terminal is broad sell an as if one find out treasure continuously, be mad with joy, contend for use, the first batch print " guideline of consumer choose and buy " by agency rush to purchase one sky. To promoting terminal product sale, face an one foot to reach trade, rose to urge action tremendously. 1) terminal explains enter " interpret blueprints times " . Of new authorized strength " guideline of consumer choose and buy " the conversation seeing a picture that is a model, graph Wen Bingmao, to in an attempt to is given priority to. So the matter that become has two: It is now it is attention economy times, terminal is the rarest the attention that the resource that lack is consumer. All now manufacturer more or less the magic art of ability of a few sales promotion that mastered terminal, often be " you are sung I come on stage " , do consumer is dazzlingly sometimes, appear " attention " exhaustion and coma. If the customer cannot be held inside original 30 seconds,terminal explains, the member be sold continuously that the client tastes very easily with respect to contest is reaved or prediction of a person's luck in a given year was dropped. The purpose of conversation seeing a picture is the attention that grabs a customer inside short time, consumer sees a graph come not tired also, end to client introduction inside a few minutes, get cause client calm. The 2 literacy rate that are the member that sell continuously considering major terminal are not high, quality is uneven, very fathomless to complex thing and accept, more do not talk about agile application. So, read graph speech, the terminal that to in an attempt to gives priority to explains way, visual image, straightaway, also suit terminal particularly broad the member that sell continuously is used. 2) change the contrary impact of business style affects for the friend of advisory type. Below most circumstance, sell the contrary concern of a relation business style with the client continuously, the client thinks, you are to want to market your product to me for certain, it is for certain " king mother-in-law sells melon, blow one's own trumpet " , so, I should cover oneself purse, cannot credulous your " flicker " . The member that great majority is sold continuously is at this kind of mentation, without giving thought to the client's demand how, anyway you can draw out money to go - took him bag, even if ant also is the flesh, always stronger than opening business. This often brings about terminal the sale cannot clinch a deal or the client was bought do not suit oneself the product of effective demand and those who cause a shopper is dissatisfactory, product succeed sells difficulty. Of new authorized strength " guideline of consumer choose and buy " jumping-off place, want to change this kind of contrary relationship namely, change business concern affects for adviser, become contrary to concern for the friend. The member that sell continuously is not the bagman that is eager to selling you the thing, however the choose and buy that you can trust is advisory, like your adjacent home friend, inform the error of solar energy of your choose and buy, trap, standard of choose and buy, help your choose and buy arrive gratified flexibly good product: You need not buy HM company, but I must let you know to be able to be used, good the level that uses a product, make you can final the choose and buy arrives can use, good used product. 3) the consumptive psychology measure that presses consumer guides buy natural success will come when conditions are ripe. " guideline of consumer choose and buy " content is press solar energy consumer buy psychological framework: One) , Solar energy cannot be chosen casually - consumptive caution a blow and a shout-sharp warning.
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