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Arrive from qualification outstanding packets of big business should be done " f
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What medical industry includes business greatly is arisen, it is the specific sale mode of specific history period not only, have more such a flock of people, their pursuit increase is the biggest change, minor production company develops terminal and big company to develop the bewilderment of brim breed feebly feebly in the intellectual photograph couple that has actual strength of good terminal resource, rich industry sale experience, capital and major, understanding, the area that this group of people use him the advantage becomes company of a lot of medicine of brilliant outstanding achievement " handlers of behind the curtain " and " the vanguard that the market develops " .

Will nearly two years wrap mode to be below the two-way converging attack of current policy and market greatly, step forward dimension difficult, be faced with ceaseless transition and adjust, but existence needs justifiable, packets of big business is sure to walk out of a his new way in innovation. Before wanting to make packets of big trade, must accomplish at 3 o'clock:

1, without diamond, do not take porcelain a job requiring fine workmanship or meticulous care;

2, grab product to take the initiative is to gain the upper hand;

3, the boss takes a stand, professional acts in a Chinese opera " .

The author thinks packets of big business had above at 3 o'clock, can be packets of big eligible business only, want to make an outstanding big package trade, should innovate on idea and method more, in " fine " make great efforts on the word.

  Turn the idea of acting mode subtly

Packets of big mode in the past often is it is with the price oriented, through changing the form of a drug, pack, the method such as norms, use take gold to sell kind and undertake, hang net, two tickets to make as the country, cancel bribery of commerce of one drug much name, blow to wait for a series of reducing current link reforms medicine of policy come on stage, the basis of interest of packets of big mode is shaken, packets of big original mode goes to the end. Methodological innovation can bring the change of mode, ideal innovation can bring new thinking more. Packets of big business from crude free from worries and petty ideas representative to careful model acting change is become must.

"Change 1 1=1 to enrol trade pattern subtly " provided new thinking and means to include business greatly. Company of the production in this mode and packets of big business form an alliance through be being mixed jointly, formation mutual club, advantage complementary, adviser and the new-style collaboration put oneself in another's position that take Wu unifinication, make the management target of manufacturer and agency, concept, means and strategy relatively consistent, produce bilateral respective advantage, liability divides the work clearly, collective terminal is moved annul, achieve double win. What this mode emphasizes is mutual cooperation, appreciation service and accurate responsibility are limitted and the market locates. Packets of big business uses this pattern, changed simple before soldier to fight, lack the aspect that learning backs, the better dominant position that develops area, gradually packets of big business from the product, turn the big package of the brand into business.
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