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Elite employee is the most valuable agency
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Upgrade ceaselessly as what the home spins heat, quickened clean of the Luo Lai that Chinese home spins the first a group of people of same interest, mercurial, dream without one exceptional ground 2, the position of fore-and-aft deepness network of 3 lines city; Inferior trade of substandard of day of smooth, inspire confidence in sb home spins big alligator to be forced collective turns to sale in domestic market, begin brand initialization campaign, also begin large-scale horse race to encircle the ground without one exception; And violet, good dream will wait 2, 3 lines home spins a brand is in partial focal point area knits a net thick and fast more, be in this " terminal of decide the issue of the battle " in armament contest, action business became greatly small home to spin brand operation business people every day the Bible that Song reads aloud, agency became their day to think of the lover of nocturnal dream.

As annual for two times national large home spins those who exhibit function of conference action business to lose to change and be joined increasingly increase what exhibit expense ceaselessly, in the effect chickening ribs of double extruding the influence falls, numerous in small difficulty enrolling business that spins brand business and cost are increased ceaselessly; And rely on oneself to hold action chamber of commerce independently, do not have an advantage already, also do not have countermeasure, the be in a dilemma, travel before be immersed in does not have a road, hind have chase after the hopeless situation of arms, how to break through the predicament that enrol business, became lie across to spin brand business in the home at the moment, and a natural moat that must fly across quickly. Had come in the winter, is spring still met far? The blind alley often means better workable method!

The highroad connects Rome, the cat has feline way, rat has rat way, without the best unique skill that enrol business, but have the action business clever plan that fits enterprise oneself ability and resource most certainly. For assistance a large number of in small home spins brand enterprise to break through the predicament that enrol business, build a network quickly, in the meantime, the biggest change reduce the cost that enrol business, oneself come more than 10 years with advisory group according to oneself, the success that is enterprise of a hunderd schools on many industries enrols business experience, summary gave the home to spin the break out of an encirclement that enrol business 98 plan, the hope can help a batch of homes spin a brand fast from 23 lines brand to leap forward of a gleam of! Its Shan Zhishi, can attack jade, I am certain, this 98 plan, always one plan suits you, the choice fits his pattern that enrol business most, hold to after all next, can succeed certainly, because a lot of enterprises rely on these to enrol what business strategy succeeds namely, want to search to suit oneself road definitely only, you also go!

  With everybody the company defies one person company
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