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Old tree is spent newly another spring - - the hospital promotion of product of
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Clinical medicine art is popularized is self-evident to the importance of prescription drug sale, holding academic seminar is one of first-rate forms that learning extends, it can center Jiang Mou inside very short time one learning viewpoint or product knowledge introduction give some specific client group. Annual the academic seminar that we want to hold all sorts of many kinds, so hold so much meeting does our purpose where? I want to have two: It is the brand that builds our product and company; 2 it is the sale goal that achieves us, the product that lets us as far as possible serves at more patients. So, to our salesperson, running the greatest power of the meeting still is the sale goal that should reach us.

Because general drug product appears on the market already very long, by the public hep, very much clinical teacher has been not Changshu all to it, feel to do not have the academic content with fresh what, find what learning popularizes very hard to sell a site, the concussion plus changed congener product and come from the concussion at OTC market, face very great difficulty to the promotion of product of clinical general drug.

My company product has appeared on the market 20 old, it may be said is in clinical and photogenic the teacher that closes section office unmanned not dawn, home still has a lot of mimic, to the clinical learning of the product promotion brings very big challenge, so right how should we find out new selling to nod at this kind product?

Above all, the company combines the characteristic of the product, market department joins the case that sells sectional feedback, carry the relevant learning task of detailed market research and product, offerred the product this year advocate turn information, namely we are so called sell a site. Here I want to point out, general medicine to us, having a bit is our advantage. That is the implied meaning that we have much abide card medical science, can adopt the academic point of view that updates ceaselessly, will disentomb our potential sale opportunity.

The company gave out product advocate turn information, found a product sell a site, so below the tell person that is about to foster us, go popularizing our information in countrywide each district, the academic content learning that lets clinical teacher pass the person that tell to publicize is hep our product gets used to disease newly to perhaps use prescription to. Accordingly, the company held the tell person of a whole nation to groom in Beijing, assembled provincial expert scholar has academic content deliver.

I consider the real case of area, pass the communication with the director, the conference that the professor of the influential force of the key hospital that hopes to choose me goes to attending this, so that be me of area product start quickly, on the quantity lays good foundation.

Groom in the professor in the process, I sell the academic conference of area with respect to what engineer me actively, so that communicate us of the product sell a site newly.
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