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View of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine: Sale of Chinese type medicines a
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Sale learns in the final analysis is the person learns. The classic theory viewpoint such as STP, 4P, 4C, 4R, all without exception is with " person (consumer) " to direct. Make sale, must study consumer, have an insight into consumer each sex; Sale is made in China, must study and have an insight into the character trait of Chinese consumer, for this, trait of the culture tradition that must study a Chinese deep, character, idea is cognitive.

The culture inheritance of chiliad, formed the thinking habit of Chinese spy person and behavior kind, as disparate as the west. Familial idea, exquisite favor, accredit is for instance authoritative, pay attention to face, like filial piety of ambiguous, 100 be apt to thought of in the van, Laozhuang. And extensive territory, different culture infiltrates, in different area of China, south and north, the eastpart part and western, the province city that draws near even, also having slight difference. Must specific aim ground adopts strategy of poor dissimilation sale.

That is to say, when making sale engineer, we should know Ketele and Telaote already, should be familiar with piece of intermediate scene and Confucius more. Only " the middle school is body, western learning is with " , in product plan and brand transmission, guiding of take advantage of an opportunity, ability is can low cost, efficient the ground holds consumer intelligence, arouse accredit and desire to buy to look, ability makes a contribution somewhat in Chinese market.

Be opposite just about " face culture " thorough understanding, lapidary mobile phone sells well for a time, renown car is before house of Chinese sale whole world; Filial piety culture facilitates " gift locates " successful, of the platinum that be like a head " celebrate a festival not to accept a gift this year, receive a ceremony to receive cerebral platinum only " , of wine of chelonian of coconut island deer " filling wine of father " ; Jin Liufu leans " blessing culture " colour head, also build in wine market result establish line of business.

On the ideal acknowledge that tastes in medical health care, the influence is profound wide idea, idea of traditional Chinese medical science of nothing is more... than. Medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is academic from be born case, chiliad comes inheritance, learn with Xian Qinzhe, a philosophical sect in the Wei and Jin dynasties of advance of the Kingdom of Wei, Sui Tang Buddhism and Song Ming a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties interweave, enter blood into the heart to Chinese influence. Its feature is, the society insides information very deep, resonance feels very strong,

Wraparound will tell, affecting what drug health protection tastes sale deeply to have idea of 4 big traditional Chinese medical sciences, include: Connect Yu to block up, platoon toxin, tone enrages blood, filling vigour.

The first is " connect Yu to block up " idea. The Chinese believes generally, general rule indolence, painful be illogical. Because scale blocks lentic canal, silt up to jam the life common sense of wadi, let people be felt somewhat to this idea. And the constipation that constellation causes, the heart stalk that embolism causes, head apoplectic, hemiplegy, let people more be certain, human body disease and " Yu is blocked up " about, should undertake discharging silt.
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