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Specific aim sale, was certain to leave a sword
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In the market structure of competitive dominant, it is premise in order to make clear competitive target, find end product (or a few, can be all contest is tasted even) the market runs the weak point in link, the sale strategy that formulates specific aim has the kind of market practice with this conformity resource, we call specific aim sale. Specific aim sale makes sale target clarity is changed, produce bigger market result through effective specific aim strategy, it is to make the product guides shorten into cycle and change game regulation, with the significant step with small big fight.

  Exemple one: Shampoo of Xiang Yu the Conqueror

In the advertisement of shampoo of Xiang Yu the Conqueror, say into dragon: "On a lot of trick is added after an advertisement is patted, that hair is moved, very black, very bright, very soft, the result comes out the audience can scold me certainly, do not have this kind of hair at all, above the proof this is a holiday. I say to try to me first, prove they are Chinese traditional medicine later, and without chemical composition, I used a month, the feeling is very comfortable... I should see to the audience, this appearance is after I am gone, this appearance also is when you are gone. " the sale of this kind of specific aim is politic, be from film advertising acrobatics gimmick is cut, to all doing TV advertising shampoo undertakes hitting, shampoo of Xiang Yu the Conqueror and other shampoo complete distinction leaves come, the interest that makes its affirmatory is remembered by consumer and natural acceptance, the result that its produce is consumer not be to scold dragon, scold other shampoo however.

  Exemple 2: Food crops Taoist or Buddhish rites

The vivid case of sale of another specific aim is the food crops Taoist or Buddhish rites that had declined -- a of Chen Baoguo " I do not eat deepfry food " with food crops Taoist or Buddhish rites " blame deepfry, more healthy " value view dissectioned puissantly to compete intense convenient cover market, say from the angle of specific aim sale, food crops Taoist or Buddhish rites is go to the lavatory deepfry first a specific aim regarded as the target on face whole, pass the intelligence that transmits occupational consumer then, establish oneself brand image, competing successfully intense convenient cover market acquired position, although its declined as a result of such and such reason later, but the successful action that strategy of specific aim sale obtains to its market development early days is huge.

Specific aim sale is a kind of sale strategy that is a foundation with value, it is the method that finds efficient market to cut a point, often can produce take sb by surprise to medium and small businesses especially, with the effect with small big fight, it is passed with specific target (the leader that is the market normally and well-known trademark) produce antagonism to be built quickly directly with well-known trademark correlation, reduce new product to enter the consumer acknowledge obstruction of the market, promote sale the effect greatly.
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