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The 3 big trends that channel evolves into
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Market competition is intense with each passing day, the enterprise pays attention to the force of channel more and more, alleged the person that get channel gets the world. Want very good use channel to create competitive dominant position for the enterprise, elevate competition the status, the enterprise needs to hold a few trends that channel evolves into. 1, the rise of super shopkeeper, changed the structure of Chinese channel. Consumer consumes the change of behavior, rich commodity chooses, and unlimited, free shopping environment, supermarket this kind of configuration more and more get the welcome of consumer. In the process that grows in the supermarket, formed a few super shopkeeper, for instance: Country Le Fu of beautiful, home, Woerma. We visit the country that views home appliance trade first beautiful. 6 years, 7 years chain of Chinese home appliance sells a country beautiful electric equipment by right of powerful capital actual strength was bought early or late always happy electric equipment and big in electric equipment, the country is beautiful by right of storefront amount, sale, stream of people is measured one what wait for a respect, be without controversy ground to should go up home appliance sells the Wu Lin of field the leader of an alliance. What reason is a lot of people can ask does the country go before urging consumer does the United States sell buy electric equipment? Author analysis has the following reasons probably: The environment is comfortable (sell field is capacious and bright, basically use French window) , shop comfortable (the interference that the clerk does not get when choosing electric equipment) , low-cost (many storefront brings about what dimensions changes to purchase, dimensions changes purchase bring about the unit price that purchases goods to reduce) , the service is good (the attitude of attending to guests when shopping is good, service of deliver goods installation compared original general merchandise course of study to rise a lot of) , category is much (sell purchase sundry electric equipment to offer consumer preference) . Be above reason, such more and more consumer preference countries are beautiful selling buy goods. Be based on same reason, a few large supermarkets for instance: Domestic Le Fu, Woerma shows itself in retail channel. And traditional general merchandise line of business because category difference of little, attitude of attending to guests, price is high the reason that waits for a respect, face development dilemma, be in not gain or deficit condition. 2, channel sinks to town district, a rural area from the city gradually. In recent years, a lot of enterprises regard him as the city stand for war. But urban exceeding competition justs like to had been become " the Red Sea " , of adscititious and large shopkeeper strong bring about profit to be reduced ceaselessly, investment return rate is reduced ceaselessly. How to do? Town district, a rural area became the option of a lot of enterprises. As economic development, the income of the farmer had very big rise. Worldwide the food crisis inside, make the increases a farmer production enthusiasm of governmental try every means again, increased the investment such as the capital to the country, resource, education. Especially new after a government appears on the stage, implemented a lot of honest policy that can increase farmer income, the income of the farmer rose really, purchasing power also increases greatly, then right-about-face of a lot of enterprises, change the center of investment to the country by the city. 3, 0 rank channel gets the favour of the enterprise. Alleged 0 rank channel is the enterprise sells customer the product directly, do not carry the segment among. The enterprise sells customer the product in where, that is Internet. Show according to the investigation of center of Chinese Internet information: The netizen amount of our country was close to 250 million, of income of economic development, people rise, of the Olympic Games hold, the amount of Chinese netizen will explode the growth of type; Of Internet quick, convenient, the abundance of content will make more and more people get information through Internet. On this foundation, electronic business affairs also entered the orbit of rapid development to go up. Because did not pass intermediate link,the enterprise sells a product on the net, leave out a lot of channel promotion expenses, the expense that can lay the province " still " give customer, consumer is so OK very cheap acquisition commodity. Why does choose of so much person selected shop on the net that clean out treasure? Inside the time that Ppg dress is not in by what, day sale exceeds dress of Er of elegant dagger of traditional channel old, the author thinks the most primary reason is cheap. The company ought to understand these trends deep, the constituent framework that adjusts a company gets used to this kind of change, according to the actual condition of the enterprise, innovation goes unique sale channel combination. Only such, ability acquires active right in metabolic market, creation is the biggest the profit that turn.
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