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Invitation letter of conference of learning of prescription drug sale is shallow
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The position doorsill that medicine represents already rose increasingly, medical market also more and more normalization. Academic promotion will make fundamental medical sale trend, current, no matter state-owend enterprise foreign enterprise all sorts of learning conferences are consecutive, good academic conference is OK more authoritative the brand that has him win initial success of strength more, accomplish a dot to drive sales volume directly to the face, so the heat of academic conference is held in both hands degree already began violent wind to rise. As salesperson of a gleam of also bear is worn very main task------Of invitation letter extend.

Invitation letter extends the success was the key with academic whether successful conference, although conference content is again good, the asked person that tell is again authoritative, if do not invite key client, the result that this conference expects with respect to short of.

Hair invitation letter looks be like is a very simple thing, just give the so simple start in client hand from delegate hand it seems that. But I believe first time of newlywed person of great majority person gives invitation letter very won't successful, because I also had made same mistake, come up to be given directly on invitation letter, say " Director X, hello, our company has an academic meeting about XX in XX moment, do you have time? " the demand that did not seek a client, without the interest of enlarge client, did not acclaim meeting theme, unless you are mixed,chairman visitor affection concerns first-rate, otherwise likely with all sorts of reason evade, perhaps agree face to face namely, the conveniently after you go is thrown in past drawer, forget beyond the highest heavens. Say this is unsuccessful invitation so. Said again, product learning conference makes a person more dazzling nowadays, although the director wants to attend the meeting, by what can he attend the meeting of your company again? In the sale means that the author thinks in prescription drug learning is popularized, how major extends effectively invitation letter is crucial the first pace.

Professional invitation letter extends should include 6 measure: 1, visit a plan 2, guide chat 3, the person that hype conference is told and lecture content 4, processing demur 5, attend a meeting affirm 6, follow-up. The author uses an example below will try to explain. Setting is XX company should hold the cure about migraine and precaution and this company product the academic conference of the remedial experience communication of some medicines and chemical reagents in migraine, congress chairman is Professor W of XX hospital, the invitation person that tell is Shandong XX hospital Professor A, time is Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Inviting a boy or girl friend is city class director of internal medicine of nerve of hospital of some 3 armour.

1, it is hype meeting theme above all, this needs to make the plan before visitting, this plan should prepare around place of this academic meeting theme, the standard that what for instance we hold this is migraine treats academic conference, so we ought to understand whether does the doctor have the remedial guideline that compares systematic standard and flow at present. Preliminary decide the topic that he is interested in, will acclaim meeting theme, let him see this academic conference can bring his profit. This is the key that value interest sells. The time that remembers a director please next is very precious, the shortest after so you are meeting and it is clear that the purpose visits his visits his to state inside the rightest time, so that won't invite a client,feel you are in the time that wastes him.
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