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The science that conference of learning of prescription drug sale holds and art
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The learning that holds major about prescription drug sale popularizes the conference, this kind of importance that extends pattern and necessity are beyond question, the article no longer give uncecessary details. Learn art conference actually like if our sale works,be being held, also be the scientific sex that has oneself and artistic quality, a very successful and effective learning conference should be the unity of scientific sex and artistic quality, how to accomplish the unity of scientific sex and artistic quality, we talk next respectively.

The scientific sex fraction that academic conference holds is two respects, it is the scientific sex of conference technological process; The 2 scientific sexes that are conference detail. The flow cent of the conference is 3 phase: Conference pre-construction; The conference is carried out; Meeting hind feedbacks.

The job of a month: Make good activity plan, include to define good conference goal certainly, conference form, theme and content, of the person that congress is told and congress chairman the first time communicate, conference time place affirms, conference company chooses, stock cost applies for;

Before the meeting 3 weeks job: Join the allocation of meeting quota of people, inform relevant delegate, delegate to the client the first time invite

Before the meeting two weeks job: The person that tell with congress communicates the slide of the speech, print good slide to prepare query check, to the client do invite formally

The job of a week before the meeting: List journey affirms before the meeting, the communication before attending a meeting is met, communicate of chairman of the person that tell and congress again

The conference the job that day: The division of labor of responsible conference reachs district director to be carried out as a whole, include an assembly room to decorate, arrangement of sign in, seat, take a picture, the record of equipment of phonic effect lighting, conference, person that tell is received send, have dinner, gift extends, the assembly room clears etc

The job inside a week after the meeting: Summary is evaluated, feedback of quality of the pay a return visit of VIP client, conference, prescription dogs the detail attention of the conference includes the specific work in each in.

The scientific sex respect of the conference, I want to want us to prepare seriously only, carry out with all one's strength, regular meeting has been done; The artistic quality respect of the conference is to need us to think ceaselessly, not paragraph perfect. The artistic quality of the conference basically includes 3 following fields: Of the choice of the conference, conference seek the appreciation that makes an appointment with peace conference to discuss.

The choice of the conference basically has two shares: Enter the choice of the choice that meets a client and conference content, the client's choice should hold principle of first wanting a job, the client foundation that invites to wanting to choose namely is current the possibility with successful growth of sales volume, latent capacity sales volume, target sales volume, sale does a sort, according to conference distributive quota of people, undertake the invitation after arriving once upon a time. The choice of the content of the conference should have pair of winning thinking, the client hope that meets to joining learns in second learning conference from now on to at ordinary times the knowledge with clinical useful work, perhaps study the point of view with some new field and method, what they think in a word is the content that acquires clinical to oneself work to have a lot of helps, and open meeting of a learning painfully to manufacturer would you mind for, always hope to deliver to our product use the pertinent information that be helpful for, when having, this is very difficult give attention to two or morethings is unified, this needs us to want to have pair of winning thinking in the choice respect of content, passing newest relevant and clinical information namely while, the clever information that needs our product promotion is blended in among them, be in casual a very good information that passed our product, promote the promotion of our product sales volume finally.
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