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The nation sells the Chinese market lost game of the enterprise continuously
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In the past in these a few years, china sold a bound to produce the case of too much failure continuously, odd with coming 2006 time of 3 years looked for cross section 2008, china sells a group continuously experience is numerous promote decline the past, free and easy rises and fall. Apply mechanically an adage, the success is lucky forever and accidental, and nowhere is not in unsuccessful criterion.

"Chinese type " the premise that sells failure continuously is, in the commercial environment that we sell continuously at an unique Chinese formula. From 1992 elegant fragrant enter China, lift China to sell Shi Xu screen continuously, till now, china is in the times of an acuteness transition all the time, legal system is being built ceaselessly and perfect in, adventurer needs to pass through active certain laws and regulations just can succeed. This creates a lot of intermediate districts that sell an enterprise to often move in gray continuously, the ground suffers the psychology that sells entrepreneur continuously and moral bottom line challenge.

Selling unsuccessful premise continuously is Chinese type sells an environment continuously

In this kind of acuteness transition queasy below, it is to sell the people continuously actually by the challenge is the most serious. Although we object strongly " obscurantism " , but in the reality that break is being lacked with methodology in viewpoint of value, a lot of sell a person to be opposite continuously head on and the superfluous information that come unawares.

The change of policy, can destroy at any time sell entrepreneur continuously, do head of handler of dish of hand, profession, net and the person of each levels such as the member that sell continuously -- the painstaking care with their flimsy old scrape up and energy.

Go up with the world all developed countries are same what differ again is, china is sold continuously history experienced a precocity, excited with struggling times, it is those above all sell a person continuously to what fall and go up live loud cry, it is the diplomatic politics that the government is seleted WTO next, make China be sold continuously open once more, although open degree is goodish.

What must point out is, the economic chartered right of the very much business that win a medal, depend on a series of resource of its backside, hang rely on ability of public relations of or of setting of unit, matrix. Same, these economic chartered right also are enterprise of exact license tag explain card chip, below the social atmosphere that pours everything in stability pressing, the capital force of backside of this part enterprise, also ask they change, expand with obtain protection. For example, once character weighs somebody, large medicine health care tastes an enterprise to enter sell line of business continuously, will be governmental institute of love to see and hear, also will taste an enterprise to bring another development height to medical health care.
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