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The nation sells the Chinese market lost game of the enterprise continuously
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What follow to it is, cross a country to sell a tycoon to savor the dominant position that chooses a side in public relations of manufacturing research and development, media and enterprise continuously, virtually brought up the economic camp such as taxation give special treatment, budding sell force to be in in grow continuously at civilian battalion of folk " crack " position.

This kind goes the cold violent show that regular place brings is in: It is some at the same time United States endowment sells a tycoon continuously, in not print sends any cases that sell license plate application continuously, obtain like bizarre lightning promulgate to sell license plate continuously; It is to be below policy pressure at the same time, some bead the moneybags boss of trigonometry enterprise is in overnight, force the king or emperor to abdicate to sell professional handler and group continuously, cause tall canal collective to leave one's post; More experience of be involved in passes eddy, dalian some civilian battalion sells an employer continuously, after backbone put in prison, oneself are helpless also and deep-set bagnio abyss of misery. These 3 kinds of failure make a person thoughtful very much.

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