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Xu San is mixed more grow into useful timber, who do you want
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Go to attend of annual bottom CCTV " dialog " program, I manage to find time inside a week looked " soldier assault " . In this serials, the director is modelled painstakingly gave Xu San much, grow into useful timber the hero with these two individual character, disparate characteristic, the subject that everybody discusses is become after TV broadcasts, people also in actual life compares the individual in the organization and them. Of course, this is infructuous only, such person in reality is not much, but people or meeting let you face this two people. When remembering making an item, compere Mr Chen Weihong must a few times do we attend " dialog " does entrepreneur answer this one question -- Xu San do you want much, become a useful person who? And can choose only firstly. Cannot think of, the result makes me much rarer nod awkwardness, my choice with its the choice of a few his entrepreneur fails to meet each other, only I selected a become a useful person.

As the person that one supervises investigator and business management, why don't I choose Xu San much and select a become a useful person? Reason has 3.

The first, xu San is compared with photograph of grow into useful timber more, the grow into useful timber is close to the Chinese talent in the life more, their ego Dan Congming, this is the foundation that I study to manage accurately. Current, the problem that Chinese enterprise majority faces is to grow quickly, the enterprise has the talented person of types of large quantities of grow into useful timber only, just achieve the strategic goal of the enterprise possibly, and the enterprise should have a systematize only, can avoid is clever the person is the easiest the method of go wrong, the development of the enterprise has safeguard more. On the contrary, entrepreneur need not " grow into useful timber " impossible also, because you can see, those who encounter is a grow into useful timber mostly such person, you must face reality, institutional government " grow into useful timber " .

The 2nd, make the commendable place of more than 3 depend on, he has one to cover those who belong to his, simple and angel is unripe philosophy, he does not suffer outside interference, the life philosophy that constant ground is maintaining him -- this is commendable really. I am establishing in the time with so old company, talking about all the time, of conduct propaganda also is such spirit, weigh this kind of spirit to hold to, but here holding to is strategic level only, do not operate the level. The drive that insists to serve as an enterprise is very main, the spiritual prop that serves as an entrepreneur is very important also, but, if the employee of the enterprise uses such life philosophy to cannot be taken, the enterprise is in when answering changeful market environment, with respect to the problem with meeting occurrence insufficient flexibility, cannot face market situation effectively.

The 3rd, chinese enterprise lacks assign sb to a post generally at present a lot of " make more than 3 type " the talent's environment. Xu San has looked more, it is good very the spirit in him, but an enterprise is not exist in vacuum, the market environment that the enterprise faces is full of competition, it is even everyday the battle of life and death, the enterprise needs large quantities of can answer an environment fast and changeful " grow into useful timber " , the enterprise is done not have so much enough time and buffer a sector of an area will be fostered slowly " Xu San is much " , the enterprise should drill more manage " grow into useful timber " systematic mechanism, and not should period beg enrol more " Xu San is much " .
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