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Company sale, the challenge is atttacked even if do not wait dead
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Receive business circles of countrywide each district and the incoming message that engineer group public figure consecutively recently, discuss a few issues related company sale and broken bureau plan with me, there is the sale chief inspector of solar energy enterprise during, also the sanitarian wine market in be being run holds dish of hand and the employer of a few enterprises. It is to fill in everyday more in my electronic mailbox received the sale fan incoming letter that amounts to many 60, it is the article of two aggressive tactics that in the light of me the near future rolls out for the most part " defeat strong wine " and " transmission of solar energy water heater appeals to beg collective to hit a wall " discuss sexual written language. Think specific aim ground offers a letter in reply very much originally, solid remove as a result of the closest company therefore new office building, add the client that has concoctive demand more very much to come to visit again and again, and Jiangxi engineers what the project enters insecurity to carry out period, the client is appointed want me to take group director to fight personally, do not have time really static next hearts will to everybody write back. Be in personally tonight Jiangxi, the drizzle outside the window is unbroken, brain train of thought is very much, then flat stay up late write into this article, all circles friend that cares Shen Kun to everybody is mixed with a genuine echo genuine acknowledgment, talk about the viewpoint of a few shallow that I engineer to contemporary sale publicly also at the same time.

Company sale, the challenge is atttacked even if do not wait dead

-- the sale plan concept that talks about me

Focusing adversary -- predicament of field of ability broken reopen after a cessation of business

" defeat strong wine " this article, it is my attempt, the sale that I consider to apply me a few years this to accumulate defeats bureau tactics idea, give mainland a few challenges company the inspiration that goes up with tactics, I clarify further in the article, again formidable opponent, also the flaw that can be defeated by your biff exists, just like iron cloth unlined upper garment Jin Zhong is overspread, do not think all over hard if iron is OK Achillean, capture your the gate of vitality, can do easily all the same decide you!

Of course, my purpose not just to defeat strong wine, in fact an article also cannot beat a brand that accumulated 10 years easily, as pure learned research, wh whichever brand, can serve as fictitious enemy to have charge.

And a lot of constituencies that criticize me think however, the industry needs everybody to unite to just can make cake big, you atttack adversary blindly, can make the market more disorderly only, adverse to industry development, I listened evil spirit it is strange, excuse me, that enterprise is philanthropist one's previous experience, it is good to do the market to pay attention to you am I good is everybody good? And, current China, be put in this kind of Wen Lianggong's self-effacing sale thought? If you are the sale manager of the enterprise, you if so the boss that tells you, you walk with respect to pack up and quit!
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