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Day establishs China to exchange a head
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Day establishs a company to be determined to be in China to him battle, should be inside 5 years 2/3 of department of trade of 8 important matters " a party to an undertaking " change a Chinese to hold the position of, the fort with the soliddest culture of company of this old-style Japan can by checkmate?

The christmas 2007, the Jia Zimao that comes to China be less than one year once had a bewilderment in the heart: Why the new year's day that these Chinese employee check at hand to come immediately ignored, and plan an all festal affection does dump give the lunar New Year after a month?

It is not strange that this kind is experienced, because Jia Zimao is a Japanese, in their habit, new Year of the Gregorian calendar just is the mainest reunites with family festival in a year.

Establish Jia Zimao of general manager of center of draw together of interconnected system of Chinese group business to having likewise confused person with day, stand in day (China) limited company has 122, occupy the 1/5 of employee sum total, they are managing post to go up individually dispersedly, on the high-level administrator station that owning Chinese market decision making authority especially, their common feature is -- it is Japanese, won't tell Chinese mostly, but tall weight.

"Let a flock of Japanese that do not understand Chinese culture mastering the decision making authority of Chinese market business, stand to day and character, it is a critical issue. " by 2006, on the communication meeting that establishs group and Chinese media in day, day establishs Chinese area to always pass an interpreter to tell reporter attending the meeting on behalf of 塚 cropland 實 . In the meantime, he announces, should be inside 5 years, namely before March 31, 2011, establish day (China) limited company of department of trade of 8 important matters " a party to an undertaking " 2/3 changes a Chinese to hold the position of -- when he makes known his position, neither one is returned in these general manager of department of trade of 8 important matters Chinese.

塚 cropland 實 opened day Han it is important that transnational corporation is in a on Chinese thing appoint " go regular " -- although amounts of these company China employee held majority, but it is in a few foreign country " cerebrum " the work develops below the leader.

All the time since, japanese company is made with the lifelong employ of rigorous company culture and indestructible celebrated, system of rigid company layer class lets the preferment of Japanese company staff and demote become step-by-step, and its are mixed to the management of abroad subsidiary control is likewise careful, native first-class staff held the tall canal position of abroad company great majority. Day establishs a company is a typical pyramid type is giant enterprise, it can say to go up is culture of old-style Japan company a the soliddest fort.

Now, day establishs a company to be determined to be in China to him battle. Day stands " exchange a head " plan to this transnational corporation " go regular " launch a challenge, the professional preferment ceiling of Chinese employee had to the evidence that becomes loose higher.
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