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Olympic Games " build a car " the sale of the brand is politic
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When Samaranch of Olympic committee chairman castingly phonic ground is spoken " Beijing " that rises momently, "Olympic Games sale " already pulled open prelusive. At this late hour, the final sprint before devoting oneself to Olympic Games sale and the enterprise that are not Olympic Games sale to begin an Olympic Games, their some made full use of Olympic Games resource opened a good head, some criterion stifled his voice in commonplace sale strategy, some used innovation strategy to gain particular attention, also some is destined even if one accompanies practice.

A few abstruse operation of company of integrated different estate sell the article politic, the hope takes more inspiration to the reader.

The brand sale of Olympic Games partner is politic

Review Olympic Games partner and sponsor, every enterprise has distinctive strategy, the characteristic of oneself product and service has metropolis ground the sale move that has specific aim. For instance Chinese shift was begun on Olympic Games of science and technology " my mobile sale " , coke Cola models systematic advantage on recreational Olympic Games, GE undertakes a breakthrough in integral solution, adidasi undertakes break out of an encirclement on advertisement, promote a brand value from spirit, each has his strong point of it may be said.

Here, the author basically talks about the strategy of Olympic Games sale that associate. National rise accompanies the rise of the enterprise necessarily. Have the aid of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games this large stage, a lot of annals put Chinese company of Gao Yuan, won't abandon making the opportunity of world brand easily.

Associate regard Chinese mainland as brand nature promotion international is famous spend and consequence, become world brand to support a cause of the Olympic Games as its, also expect to use an Olympic Games at the same time value of brand of this chance promotion, the beauty that strengthens a product praise degree, come true through this activity more the sale with accurate essence.

Associate in the light of Beijing strategy of 2008 Olympic Games is very clear, baconian rising is two strategies, 10 plans. From proceed with of Olympic Games concept, suo Dingke ability and humanitarian, those who carry out is an essence that maintains his composure to contact a dot more follows sale. For clear for the purpose of, I express the strategy that associate and plan rank 1.

Watch 1 associate two old strategies mix the Olympic Games 10 big plans

The mobile course that the strategy plans to judge operation of match of Olympic Games of analyse science and technology and equipment of organizing committee technology to plan to embed the product to the Olympic Games directly in the light of the object shows the character of product kimono Wu in real activity, plan of maintenance of much brand computer shows the reporter of osculatory dot each country that the service of ability IT operation that develops technical sponsor plans Internet bar of Olympic Games of each country delegacy to plan to increase product and public figure of world each country the opportunity of the service, the plan of house of experience of Olympic Games of number of act spot audience that wins public praise promotes brand image to associate from the experience promotion of torch of Olympic Games of audience of whole world of strategy of humanitarian Olympic Games plans to attract attention to spend, promotion is famous spend commonweal of Chinese audience series to transmit a plan to enhance humanitarian consideration, promotion is beautiful praise spend athlete and champion of athletic group whole world to plan to be bound effectively, continuance motion goes all out in work client of honoured guest of whole world of client of mental whole world recieves a plan to chain high-end client, march consideration of client of ten million of client of China of international market plans loyalty of hold together old customer to spend
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