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Enterprise careful choose sale orgnaization to make color sale
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Colour is one of software requirements that 21 centuries have high additional cost, also be from cost -- the sale shift that accrual viewpoint sets out to have actual effect most. Western country realises colorific is potential already competition ability, use colour resource in real sale strategy, raised the additional cost of the product thereby. Color sale has been in the position of core in country and industry competition.

But color sale just appeared in China, "One's previous experience " was made a mistake, "Appearance " be a fault more is unusual. A few sale of China seek advice from an orgnaization to also know to recommend color sale to the enterprise now, but did not study what is color sale carefully, went to the belt of enterprise dynamic in channel. If the policymaker of the enterprise is a mind which perceives both past and future without a pair, still give really blindfolded.

The textual research of one's previous experience of color sale

"Sale " the use with this the earliest word but restrospect to the United States 1910. 20 centuries 20 time, manufacturer of the pen that send a gram used colour element first in sale, can saying is the earliest color sale case, that is to say sale of basic chromatically color compares sale this word is done not have how to long appear late. Colour served as the measure that increases a sale 1927, be applied in car design first.

FaberBirren of famous colour scholar and LouisCheskin published the 50 time United States after World War II their research achievement, colorific psychology effect application arrives in daily life and commercial activity, can bring cheerful sense to people already, can increase sale again. "Colour adjustment (Colorconditioning) " the concept is ablaze come on stage, the research achievement of colour scholar provided scientific academic basis for color sale, from now on color sale begins the eye shot with mankind of conquer of brilliant military successes.

What make a mistake colorific one's previous experience is to have a website that what offerring technically for people is what. It go up the century founds by place of American Ms. Kaluoer Jackson at the beginning of 80 time " colour of the four seasons " academic system, regard colour as the origin of sale and academic basis. Regarding system of individual colorific theory as erroneously is system of commodity colorific theory. And continue over shoes over boots, regarding history of colorific of the four seasons as is commodity colorific history, be in a complete mess promiscuously.

"Colour of the four seasons is academic " as a kind newer shade uses the law, once was the west design of each domain colour and one of important theory basises that color sale skill studies. Basically apply in individual figure domain at present. A its serious content is color of color of a person's inherent color of skin, hair, eyeball " human body lubricious feature " the analysis that has science and classification, summary goes out spring, summer, autumn, winter series of 4 big colour, the color that finds its to suit most for every different person group reach mutual the collocation between concerns, benefit coloring colour will finish dress to make up to be united with the harmony of individual nature condition. According to the principle that the vision balances, when having common property with human body color when dress color, they mediate easily, produce harmonious aesthetic feeling. Because the colour feature of this quadruplet color and nature the four seasons is very similar, accordingly this one theory is called " colour of the four seasons is academic " .
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