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Sun Hong steel: Loss of domestic happy blessing is not dead but perhaps meet " s
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One shade calls in reliefly. Actually, the patriotic mood of Chinese people can send happy as boycott home blessing, can be guided more support -- " very " who. The more strong sentiment, negative the energy with the front is bigger. Speak of a netizen starting that short message that boycotts a Le Fu with many friends recently, I think, important is not content and mood " proper " , however the transmission way of this short message and speed...

Food crisis already not only developing country of bureau be confined to, sweep across the whole world stage by stage however...

The high level of domestic Le Fu people regular meeting crosses a gingerly 5 • one, with " in a dilemma " the mood that will describe them, suit probably. Do not get sales promotion, delay busy season of a commerce; Get sales promotion, the likelihood causes conflict. And these awkwardness result from before them a small crisis that did not handle seriously.

Be in when fire of Olympic Games emperor Greek when igniting, already what a lot of friends feel holy internal heat deliver a process to may be done not have so peace and tranquility, the person of headquarters of France of domestic happy blessing is certain more know French home has a few what kind of state, just, this did not cause them enough take seriously. Actually, from now on before Chinese people is in scamper diplomatic mission, protect angle the strong reaction that waits for the expression on the problem to come out, sufficient can prove a bit: Be in patriotic on this thing, the Chinese is all-time agglomeration and solidarity absolutely. Say toward development, this is the Chinese nation thousands of years the result of culture inheritance -- there is viewpoint of value of a kind of core in the Chinese's heart, can erupt to exceed class energy in the moment of truth -- a lot of more powerful than general religious energy. Whole world alone this one.

Since Chinese people is your client, you are about to study the psychology of these customer deep administrative levels.

" The Book of Changes " tell: "The person that high, install its person also " . Domestic Le Fuxian lacks a risk to battalion business environment to evaluate a mechanism like that, this is a very big question. But their bigger question just still is not lacked expect and beforehand case. In light of the thinking way that aether pole runs, indignant client, it is best client actually! Any " danger " when appearing, it is " machine " . And domestic Le Fuxian lacks such changing to high to be mixed for the thinking of machine like that practice.

The domestic Le Fu that we see up to now reaction, it is " act against one's will " . The media that must not publish not speak in detail soon states, must not shut a website soon, must not cancel sales promotion activity soon, must not hit the banner that supports an Olympic Games to wait a moment in certain storefront soon. This is " retreat " art, rise impossibly " turn danger is machine " action.
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