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34 class market holds dish of hand how break out of an encirclement
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3, 4 class market is all the time mostly the market that the enterprise does not value, but the aggravate that competes as the market, more and more enterprises extend antenna to 3, 4 class market, little imagine, 3 individual plant the sale of 6 billion also is to be in 3, after 4 class market is developed, just finish, hearts K is walking along a country to surround urban way all the time, they are in 3, 4 class market has very big gains. But everybody also saw in 3, the difficulty of 4 class market, terminal intercept aggravate, advertisement does not have the effect, a few minor brands with almost of just the same packed the product with you to make neighbour, goods of a less known and inferior brand is everywhere, a lot of market managers are mentioned 3, 4 class market shakes his head, investigate its reason, that did not hold good truly namely 3, the lifeblood of 4 class market, so 3, how 4 classes market should be done after all? Farming asset is tasted had been in 3, 4 class market is occupational oneself position, and become their biggest economic income source, why? A very big reason is a problem that they solved rural market to need most. Some group is in Xi'an the whole nation built him farming endowment chain point of sales, management chemical fertilizer, pesticide, seed, face brother of Chinese most farmer, come down one year, sell ten 100 million. Their method is very simple, very effective also, investigate its reason, what held rural market namely then is thematic----Farmer problem. Our a few health care taste an enterprise making urban population all the time however, distain to be considered to having the rural population of 900 million above, although handlers goes from the country mostly, they think country of consumptive prep above, however oversight a serious problem, the country just is a truly big market.

So how to solve 3, the problem that faces in 4 class market? We talk with respect to the following respects:

One, the price system that how makes 34 class market and value strategy?

1. maintains the price system of product line.

The product value of a lot of enterprises has period specific crowd, but also have a lot of companies the product that they have different price, differ to hundreds of yuan from a few yuan, to 3, the issue that the price of 4 class market must master a whole system, if product value is exorbitant, can cause consumer financial insolvency, the price is too low, the enterprise does not have profit space. So best method pulls open the difference of product value namely, again expensive product also is met somebody is bought, again cheap product also somebody is not bought, the price is not main factor. When so we are making product value system but 3, the circumstance of 4 class market makes a reference, can become the basis that we fix a price anything but. A minute of goods is in a minute of money 3, 4 class market comes is valued quite, so, if be to enter 3, 4 class market and the price that lowers partial product, can affect the product sale in other market, so, the price system of the product is not changed easily.
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