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The sale jewel of Chinese beer company
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Although China had joined WTO, but the requirement that the relevant law of Chinese beer industry, code still cannot get used to WTO completely, china is sure to strengthen the construction of relevant trade legislation, code further, aggrandizement market restrains a mechanism, the " of " game regulation that makes beer industry market competes and international conform, market order will be more and more normative. Guo Ye thinks, in future 3 to 5 years inside, chinese beer industry will undertake shuffling thoroughly, at present the current situation of dimensions disorder, price disorder will get complete adjustment, will more world-famous beer brands swarm into China, develop more intense competition with Chinese beer company, the beer company that lags behind at the appointed time will be washed out by market place thoroughly. So, we must see future clearly the 3 development to market of beer of the China inside 5 years change, learn actively and use contemporary sale theory, raise sale level ceaselessly, enhance the integrated competition ability of the enterprise, just can be in prospective competition remain invincible.

Strategic 4P and tactical 6P theory had applied a few years in western developed country, but pass into China to still do not have how many years truly, these two classic theory have very main effect in contemporary sale, the sale personnel that is beer company wants two theory that use adroitly, but still have at present quite the content that personnel of one share sale still does not understand these two theory even, more do not talk to go up applied, emphasize these two theory here so very be necessary.

So-called strategy 4P is: Market of fractionize of market research, market, target, market locates; Tactical 6P is: Product, price, channel, sales promotion, public relations, service. These two theory are the basiccest theory that coachs we begin sale to work, we should master these two theory adroitly to undertake assorted sale. Want to begin science, careful market research above all, have sufficient understanding and knowledge to market structure, this is the premise that begins market sale work and foundation; Want to undertake fractionize to the market next, want a place namely administer commercialize whole for 0. We are for instance OK the beer market a city is common meal market according to consuming the otherness fractionize of the group (labour fuel consumption group) , recreational market (the youth of good-paying is consumed group) , life region market (the masses with female more purchaser is consumed group) , school of factories and mines. Because consumptive group is different, their consumptive psychology and consumptive act are not same also, the assorted sale step that we take is different also, the consumptive characteristic that we need fibrous root occupies consumptive group takes out the assorted sale plan that has specific aim; Again, target market chooses on the foundation of market fractionize, undertake accurate market locates again. Anyhow strategy 4P and tactical 6P are an inseparable whole, must have effective combination, take out the assorted plan that has specific aim in the light of different market character, every strategy and tactical element should consider to go in, the key wants to be applied neatly.
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