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How from " business " view sale
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At a loose end when watched TV series of two collect Korea inadvertently " business " , it is the 16th collect, 17 collect respectively, although be to look for the first time, but still attracted me, and do not say inside handsome male belle, gut also has the place of very much aftertaste letting a person, abrupt between have feeling quite, cannot help wanting to write a few again.

The 16th, 17 market background introduces:

The justice city of Korea has department of two big business, river business (square) with soft business (turn over square) it is a competitor. River business (square) main character: 1, room adult holds big travel concurrently head (be equivalent to partner holding CEO concurrently) : Hong Dezhu; 2, Hong Dezhu's daughter: Hong Meiqin; 3, secretary (be equivalent to VICECEO) : Lin Shangwo.

River business (square) facing very big crisis at that time: 1, be plotted against by the competitor. Soft business collusion locals authorities, prohibit the businessman is in clear country to decide river big talk to have trade greatly, main market channel is broken to behead by soft business; 2, cash flows the crisis. Many stock sale does not go out to take up capital, receivable Zhang money reclaims and control is faint; 3, tall canal personnel is betrayed. Zheng Zhi closes to be Hong Dezhu originally take dragon fast husband, namely Hong Meiqin's fiance, cast foundling female personal relationship for commercial interest, betray river business, soft business of go to somewhere for shelter made tall canal staff; 4, Lin Shangwo returns a miscellaneous industry of a lowliness in river business at that time, it is the divert of woman beautiful bell that saves a whorehouse only cash 200 silver, be being given to cross-question by Hong Dezhu, facing the risk that is removed sb's name from the rolls forever by river business. Know Lin Shangwo and soft business are having the enemy of absolutely irreconcilable later, its father is flooey of the incomplete that be betrayed by place of end of fulfil of loose Shang Piao kills.

Lin Shangwo insists to say he does not regret so do, the Hong Dezhu that does not stand high above the masses to the position is acknowledge a mistake, express to be willing to accept any penalizing only. His goodness, clemency is given to take a fancy to by Hong Dezhu, abnormality is dicey he is a secretary, be restricted he is in the 10 way that rescue river business finds in day.

One of doubt: How can Hong Dezhu be inside so short time with respect to accredit and put sb in a very important position a person, close to Zheng Zhi in firm flooey betray before long.

A what kind of character is Hong Dezhu? The iron cock-a stingy person with justice famous city, with diligent check is famous, stand fast the principle that oneself play for the person. A few years are mixed on bazaar, should be long via killing field, read a person countless, saw an eye unexpectedly, acknowledged a mistake person, be closed to cheat by Zheng Zhi, accompanied a daughter to be folded again arms, I am very strange is: Zheng Zhi closes betray the trustful view that did not affect Hong Dezhu for what, how can he enable a person inside so short time. If be me, do not do, estimation can have the feeling of a extremely frightened person. Ah, young woman is young woman, always be sensibility is held windward.
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