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Does network sale can of Wang Laoji say perfect?
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On May 12, sichuan short of Wenshui River plain produce 8 level especially big earthquake, before disaster, the ground does not divide thing north and south, the person does not divide a men and women old young, the Chinese arrived with all sorts of means actively investment aseismatic in providing disaster relief. A lot of enterprises are in quickly make positive response for a short while, contribution contributes content.

Alarm is worn the aftershock with greatly small disaster area is not overblown still, another aftershock is in like undercurrent however business circles, especially the concussion between enterprise of transnational corporation, foreign capital, earthquake one week later, " international miser pop chart " the short message is wide to circulate, QQ group in such pop chart also is in ceaselessly by reprint, will introduce to peak to stepping the attack of state-owend enterprise course of study. "Miser " one of snack company Kendeji is besieged in a lot of branches of Sichuan area course of study, was not judged to be " miser " the nest also gets embroil, it carries in the earthquake the food of 10 thousand box toward Sichuan is scolded by the netizen the following day " our not rare birds' droppings " .

Transnational corporation collective is brushed together brush the ground " trip " in present door event, uniform the ground bears the oscillation of brand earth shake, the foreign enterprise that has feeling grievance is treated unjustly people tell the truth to media ceaselessly, accuse to Department of Commerce solution is subdued, the pass the time in a leisurely way that this oscillation brings cover of quick pass the time in a leisurely way accumulates in an attempt to influence, at the moment, the Chinese native land company that joined a portion this to let many compatriots satisfaction exam paper began another kind to be run large-scaly, gave out additionally one kind of sound: Wang Laoji between one night red all over great river north and south.

Wang Laoji has his moment quickly because,be not is merely " domestic odd pen is top contribution business " renown head, hide to act in this network sale of network backside however. The truth that travels in type of the virus that be called by industry is Wang Laoji asked large quantities of one networks to shove a hand in each big forum posts, take a brick, receive a brick, answer a brick, production public opinion is vortical, for this incident add fuel to the fire. Involute and lively later be " Wang Laoji contribution touchs consumer market two days to sell goods " the news frequency of and so on appears in the newspaper upright.

Was to answer really that " into also Xiao He, be defeated also Xiao He " adage, the network allows a foreign enterprise people deep-set lair, be kept constantly on the run, it is the network holds Wang Laoji in both hands however likewise went up high in the clouds.

Below the complex that supports home products, at the same time sip move can relieve inflammation or internal heat the Wang Laoji of disappear heat, plaint at the same time of this indigenous industry serve as somewhat, incident sale, affection sale is run so do something one knows well, spent money, got a name namely, got benefit again, gain both honor and money, one is not let off, wang Laoji is really arrogant! When those who highly praise indigenous industry is clever, the Wang Laoji that feels suddenly to contain in the mouth is something wrong flavour: But the Bei of wait for a good price to sell is pity, valuable redound, purposeful hype still is in the mouth, wear the flavour of a Chinese herbal medicine diffuses to come.
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