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Sale is ask for trouble
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Had gone through an innumerable trials and hardships to take dealership, agential nip product goes all out in the market kill. But, the trademark is well-known degree not tall inside the market, brand concept, function does not know for consumer place, publicize charge trying to put out a burning cartload of faggots with a cup of water-an utterly inadequate measure, once made midnight of how many agent sleeps lightly? Somebody jubilates somebody anxious, how are those agents that break the market successfully to popularize firm ice become again?

"Department of newspaper office ad? I should be decided tomorrow the advertisement of a full page! " some agent is stationed in in American bomb our country south allied embassy said so that day. What should he do?

"The following day, I did not make product ad on newspaper, the page that uses one full page however kept a few big character: ' bomb of serious protest United States embassy of the alliance austral my be stationed ining, XX inn stays a week of air conditioning of flying song of carry out United States. ' the following day newspaper appears on the market to before long many students and citizen come to shop doorway demonstrate, protest hegemonic behavior of the United States. Although I still have a few concern at that time, but this decision that the fact later proves me is correct, because this action let consumer know flying song air conditioning, believing flying song is American brand, and this once was the problem that I headache most. Of demonstrate activity the following day, song incident still flew to undertake discussion to this on newspaper, expanded further thereby ' brand of United States of flying song = ' communicate rate. " an agent of flying song is recollected in those days when be being made complacently, say.

Make ad stopping carry out by newspaper, to the demonstrate activity that causes a citizen, to form news event to make newspaper has lengthy report, achieve conduct propaganda finally " brand of United States of flying song = " sale target, the agent of flying song air conditioning was finished successfully complete, successful incident sale.

Alleged incident sale, simple for the rule that holds news through holding namely, make the event that has news value, let event of this one news be able to travel, achieve advertising result thereby. So concrete analysis " air conditioning of flying song of United States stopping carry out " sale activity, with undertaking one time understanding to incident sale.

Above all, it is content of affirmatory conduct propaganda namely advertisement end result. This agent did not publicize product function, cheap and fine without conduct propaganda, publicize however " brand of United States of flying song = " . Jointly owned of this accord with is sold medium " focal law "----Become a vocabulary through concentrating product or professional work, and will root in the brains at people, this is focal law. Apply the advantage of focal law to depend on: Transmission can have the central issue inside short time and easily information receiver memory, and this vocabulary can be delayed again extend other meanings, achieve the goal that the product publicizes thereby.
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