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The brand product of 4 kinds of types concerns (on)
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Product center? Brand center?

What relation be after all between brand and product?

Have between brand and product why identical with alien place?

Between brand and product how is mutual area lain between contact each other again?

Client how the relation of look upon brand and product?

Enterprise how the relation of look upon brand and product?


To the reflection of brand essence explore examine does not have this kind up to now reach how many consensus to opinions vary however instead each hold one demit:

Somebody thinks brand essence is a product, just be to have character or distinctive product just, the brand breaks away from a product impossibly and self-existent, the customer always recognizes a brand through the product, brand management must be core and foundation with the product, be indifferent to a brand without the product, altogether " product the first brand the 2nd " .

Also somebody thinks the brand is substaintial is not a product, however the cognitive condition in client memory, it is the across that client expectation and enterprise offer, the brand is OK prep above product and alone existence, client apt accepts a product through the brand, brand management must be core with carrier of value and rather than, the product that does not have a brand just is commodity just, one character is my " brand the first product the 2nd " .


The controversy of this kind of main to brand and product concern cannot be despised, the in differring to build and run practice in the brand meeting of basic position creates very big line difference:

Behave above all going up to introducing the difference of brand strategy, for instance " do not do a brand to make sales volume " and " do brand ability to make sales volume " the contradiction that interior of the conflict of be locked in a stalemate, enterprise and channel partner, enterprise produces branch and sale section excessive wine cup hereat.

Behave the difference that establishing brand capital fund to go up next, "Product center is talked " person the core that market share and new product advantage inspect work card property; "Brand center is talked " person the brand asset that thinks dependency and value associate is to need to strengthen most, this ability is strong brand and weak force brand is essential and different, outstanding brand strategy and the essential distinction that make the same score the brand strategy of commonplace.

Last show sets administrative difference in the brand, on one hand the opinion thinks the brand is combined even if the product is combined, managing methodological nature also is a mode; On the other hand the opinion thinks the brand is combined and blame product is combined, still include company brand, technology brand, service brand, setting brand to wait besides product brand, still include to combine brand, accredit element brand to wait besides own brand, nature of brand combination management and product combination government are big different.
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