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Human nature changes: The core competition ability in furniture sale
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 Terminal of 1 , decide the issue of the battle

Result of deductive of big fight of Chinese furniture sale is destined to want stay terminal it seems that. Classics of furniture company experience a few years " terminal is king, terminal of decide the issue of the battle " call out, nowadays is to become more like a raging fire. Begin from 6 years, almost all manufacturer put in the most important resource in terminal, terminal contends for battle to grow in intensity. From store of brand shop, image, reveal to terminal scene, manufacturer becomes resource of client of full time loot in succession on sale terminal, increase capacity of only store gain.

Face the terminal big battle that grow in intensity, confederative furniture depends on the market inside information that its come to 20 years, according to the distinctive judgement to market situation, put forward " terminal of decide the issue of the battle, win-win is wonderful " sale is politic. Pass a series of act, if the product of innovation is combined, mature terminal is revealed, powerful sale supports, strong promotion step, hold " terminal of decide the issue of the battle " inn is long special example battalion, adjust establish " store of flagship of confederative theme life " raise only store to sell capacity. At the same time also greatly aggrandizement brand image, promoted a brand value. Millionaire furniture was a weapon with CP sale system 2006, hold high " terminal of decide the issue of the battle " old standard, inside countrywide limits wantonly outspread. 2007, millionaire undertakes channel conformity with all one's strength again, the whole nation conformity of brand shop of 1400 many terminal becomes 14 large areas, company headquarters passes these 14 large areas to undertake cooperating with administrative to countrywide agency brand shop, form millionaire Promethean " mode of CP terminal brand shop " .

Terminal of decide the issue of the battle is in the market channel is built after finishing, deepen management to what the market sells a process, its importance clearly to market sale. If do not have terminal, sale was become without this wood, what kind of product and service cannot realize recycle. A word, chinese furniture enters the period of terminal of decide the issue of the battle. In such times, the form that whose product can be aware of the most easily with target consumer reflects the factor that consumer cares most, who can acquire the most advantageous brand and market.

2, the key that the person is terminal of decide the issue of the battle.

In intense market competition, the industry survives with development is a person at all. The ancients cloud: "The manage of favor, cannot not examine. " the rule that this specification takes the characteristic that studies a person, person seriously only, go satisfying the feeling of the person's desire, person, handle affairs action ability is accorded with objective and actual. Nature of terminal of decide the issue of the battle is not an empty talk, pledge actually even if want customer of decide the issue of the battle. Who won customer, won competitive victory. Because this pays close attention to consumer, esteem consumer, utmost ground satisfies the requirement of consumer, make a magic weapon of get the upper hand of of company sale naturally.
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