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The consumptive psychology of custom-built product is unscrambled
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Consumer more and more the consumption of apt individuation, and, the fashionable luxury with relatively the more high price, this characteristic is more outstanding, accordingly, custom-built consumption with respect to emerge as the times require. Consumer likes custom-built consumption, it is the product itself that has from place not just, also be consumptive individuation psychology at the same time reflect. Follow one's inclinations psychology comes true A fashionable main feature, it is the way that consumer can like according to oneself will show ego, and always can standardize the product that turns with dimensions, consumer always can feel to a lot of is short of regret, and these mode that because industrialized dimensions is produced,are short of regret and get a change very hard. Accordingly, the means that consumer hopes the enterprise can like according to oneself more will design and develop a product, is not market a lot of products that had shaped to him (she) people, consumer is participated in had made a kind of new requirement in current consumptive market. Begin from the DIY design of a lot of domains, consumer hopes to be able to a few can realize the product of the individuation of own idea more and more, the computer, DIY mode that lives in things consumes the delegate of incline to this kind namely. For instance, consumer the individual character to reflect oneself, like to be able to change the mobile phone of crust, change case apparently looking is a simple movement only, but to consumer, be consumer however is follow one's inclinations do with oneself advocate oneself fashionable psychology expression, nowadays, comply with this kind of demand to had let be able to bear or endure to begin to shorten with tasted cycle, for instance BMW Mini Cooper also can change case, make consumer OK there is the car of different appearance in each years, huge satisfied the requirement of consumer, and regard the sign that can reveal consumer temperament and aesthetic appeal as the product, for example gem headgear and other luxury, custom-built product nature also made the way that contented consumer demand changes. Accordingly, can come according to the requirement of consumer custom-built product, those who reflect is a kind of implementation that consumer dreams, also be the expression that blends in element of consumer individual character fashionable tide better at the same time. Vogue " seek other " condition is relied on Vogue is the sign that undertakes the area is lain between between social estate, for the person that serve as fashionable dominant, "Seek other " the element of a core that is vogue, and to fashionable epigone, "Hasten is the same as " it is him however (she) people those who cross fashionable tide is indicative, accordingly, the estate that the hope leads style always is passed " seek other " means comes the area lies between other estate, this kind of area is lain between more apparent, exceed the fashionable position that can represent oneself, accordingly, enjoy " exclusive " service, act according to actual circumstances, spend a body to have something made to order the implementation way that the product that has distinctive individuation made this kind of psychology that seek other. And in light of the development process from vogue, the earliest noble is consumed even if with custom-built those who give priority to, the evening dress of hundred thousands of, the headgear of about a hundred top class gem of 10 thousand, these are in by put under only the custom-built service of genteel estate, once made life of rich and powerful family of riches and honour is full of secret touch and extravagant sex for a time, and vogue is changed, individuation, costly major is made is more promote the service to peak. Although a lot of custom-built luxury make need spend the time with number day, longer even a few months, but consumer people do not mind, they are willing to await, because to consumer, spend proper time to have a product that lets him extraordinary, also be special worthiness.
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