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Local villain of strong Long Zhidou -- an area big agency closes take write down
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Jiang Longzhi fights local villain -- an area big agency closes take write down " fierce manager of Pan Jin manages me department product is close already 3 years, but often defend in saddle hill all the time since this year over there take money, often defend every time affirmatory offer more favourable than the company policy! Zhao Zong, I also want outstanding achievement, but I cannot persuade agency ah... " , be in charge of Pang Liang rage of Pan Jin, the bitter water of bellyful fell to come out completely at a draught... " you good much, I the Liu manager of the big Shi Qiao there does not buy the Zhang that often defends, often defend the cent that starts sea wall to sell business to exert all one's strength change goods, now when everything is all right market of bridge of a big stone is developed basically dead by goods of ab extra low! " mention to often be defended, the mood of rain of the Song Dynasty of responsible Dalian is more excited... " this old Wei Zhen is not a thing, hope company can think method is controlled well, the Tie Ling that connects me otherwise also cannot be protected! Often defend had had collaboration with Tie Ling's agency, the payment for goods that the Tie Ling before the Mid-autumn Festival plans to call a company originally often is defended half cut went! " , the Liu Jian of responsible Tie Ling mentions to often be defended also frown continuously! Back-to-back move is in charge of the Wang Yue of n, responsible red the Fu Chong east, be in charge of mounding new Pan Yang, ... the concern that expressed oneself one by one... all problems are main around move a person, the agency that is Liaoning saddle hill then often is defended! Genesis On October 8, 2005 morning, assembly room of branch of Liaoning of group of N wine trade, all business manager of Liaoning is allowing newly to lead Zhao Zheng to discussing the issue of respective region market with the form of coze with theirs. Zhao Zheng is the old stuff of N company, because its are in China in the outstanding performance of the market, at will be being moved toward Shenyang in Gang Conghua October, hold the post of Liaoning branch general manager, will gnaw Liaoning this old and rawish hard bone. Zhao Zheng clutch points to calculate, this should be the 4th dying in him profession career recieved orders! Face before coming, the vice-president of company president and sale of be assigned personal responsibility for ever looked for Zhao Zheng technically to talk, hope Zhao Zheng can not disgrace mission, give its very big " unripe reduce power " . N enterprise is the one large red wine company in the home, advocate the poor dissimilation that hits a product to depend on height and good quality, gained the favour of a lot of consumer and agency, product since 2001 the whole nation appears on the market become an a dark horse inside course of study quickly. 3 provinces are wine all the time east kind consumption is saved greatly, n company product is in east appear before two when 3 provinces appear on the market years all the time relatively the growth momentum of flourishing. But since 2003, because the company changed 6 sale chief inspector continuously (deputy always) , bring about sale policy to be adjusted often, a lot of medium or small agency fears the interest is damaged and stopped the collaboration with the company. The agency of Liaoning saddle hill is place's famous large family, the boss often is defended work ad cool-headed, sober, pliable, since product of distribute N company hind, he discovers this product perspective is wide, profit is rich and generous. Because fear company policy is flabby,discover major agency again when him decide and not dare when replenish onr's stock (actually this part not dare the agency of replenish onr's stock very the product that not reconciled to abandons N business) , he discovers his business chance came! Then he appears personally the manager that seeks responsible at that time Liaoning negotiates, the proposal establishs chamber of commerce, hold the position of secretary-general by him, and to when hold the post of a manager to assure, the organization broad agency finishs area job by plan. The manager holds the post of when by force of task pressure, promised the qualification that often defends. After the event, often defend an organization other agency is sold to cent of him under one's name, and by him one to company replenish onr's stock, and ask N enterprise gives the market of very great strength support when replenish onr's stock every time, support extends along with goods (often defend know N company product not anxious sale, selling is a RMB) . Right now, often defend changing the turned Liaoning into the province secondhand franchisee with relaxed magic. Half an year of this matter continuance, the appetite that often defends is bigger and bigger, the policy that agrees so already cannot satisfy the ambition that he expands increasingly, put forward Yuan Chao to give a company to bear then the devoted requirement of ability. The company should agree its condition only, often protect money of many collect, once disapprobation its condition, complete province is met basically successive a few months " grain is not had close " ! In the meantime, because often defend far privilege of the policy that take money at the agency outside the province, make its have very large space outward and wholesale, because this became N company to set for a time northeastern " the 2nd storehouse " , not only make east the 3 prices that visit a lot of areas wear a bottom, at the same time the product was flowed to be apart from area of the Beijing with closer northeast, ferry, Tang De, right now, saddle hill often defends a reliable agent that already became N company to suffer from greatly! Be dismissed as early as the manager nature that often defends a negotiation to come to an agreement so, sent repeatedly again among 4 also all the time of no help...
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