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Intention sale, the course that the business runs successfully
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The person classics regular meeting that makes sale says: Sale is done hard! Market of the manpower that cost big, material resources, financial capacity seems not feel grateful, last as before low fan. The integral market that leaves besides whole big environment goes small besides, should examine oneself issue well really so. Of course, also some people can say: Sale is good do! Just used very few investment, achieved the person of the same trade's anticipation, still rising ceaselessly even. The article inside this makes a lot of people open-eyed, besides what admire, we should consider really: Make sale together, face same a market, the effect difference that for what makes how so big? Actually we might as well observe carefully, it is beautiful money likewise, where is money flower of the family, why can you have effect? Throw personnel to sink in channel to the market likewise, the family's personnel is how the setting uses etc. Actually, above in the final analysis or the sale effect issue that how promote us effectively. Medical sale market of China as stock market grail same, into climb for a long time ceaselessly litre, it is OK to buy a share casually sudden huge profits; During adjusting the travel before oscillation, each shareholders want to make alone tactics expect to succeed in the light of every stock according to market level. K of fluid of profess to convinced of 3 individual plant, hearts, collect benevolence kidney treasure to wait, mix through tactics of simple sea of faces it is OK to contain placard, small advertisement mad make money. And present medical market, each manufacturer created different pattern in each channel, each experts comment on this even more mixed market in ceaseless evaluation, should use what pattern. Result, some manufacturer gained level sex victory, and some however compensate gets principal to not have return. Apply mechanically a libretto " not be we do not understand, it is this world change is sharp! " after the level encircling money that crossed to move restlessly in medical industry classics, be attributed to reason even more. Market ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, can appear at any time all sorts of circumstances, we should do can offer personalized sale solution at any time according to actual condition only, promote sale the effect thereby! One, Database sale Database sale comes as nearly two years shift of a arisen kind of new-style sale, arise below the personalized tide of medical market just about. It is a basis with real data, the message with implementation bit righter place travels, promoted sale efficiency greatly, obtained good gains. But, also should see at the same time, its itself also puts in marked actor weakness: 1, Actor Dot Information is substantial: No matter the enterprise is returned from the database that build,be the database that buys from outside advisory firm or website, from tens of thousands of differ to tens of 10 thousand information content, cover the client of all over the country, information is relatively substantial.
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