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Sincere letter is husk
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Hold in bare peak city day of rights and interests of 3.15 international consumer commemorated congress to go up 2008, unit of 39 sincere letters is commended with award.

Sincere letter is in business is consumer ask and expect to the market, also be the run way that more and more businessmen are seeking at the same time. A lie, the likelihood lets a friend stranger from now on; Cheat, the likelihood lets a brand that manages for years fall down with a loud crash. See those long lasting beside us old name, which not be the example that weighs character to defend credit, child old man not to have bully; See those gainful unscrupulous merchant again, although fluky obtain sudden huge profits is difficult also,escape transitory fate. The suffering a crushing defeat of unripe garden of the success of hall of colleague of hundred years old name and Nanjing coronal offerred positive and negative to us the example of two respects. To sincere letter the unit undertakes commending with award, be pair of sincere letters praise and affirm.

Regard health of hold together market as the lifeline that grow, no matter be opposite consumer, right businessman, right still to the market the society, sincere letter is husk. We hope to see more and more businessmen enter the range of sincere letter unit.