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Anhui opens travel spending of sincere letter network is complained, sincere let
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Anhui opens travel spending of sincere letter network is complained, sincere letter inquiry will come true " network " on June 28, 2008 07:34:27 origin: Xinhua net [the name is big in Xiao]   [leave a message]   [print]   [shut]

Xinhua net Hefei on June 27 report (luck of reporter Ma Shu) bureau of tourism of the Anhui province debutted a few days ago " Anhui travels sincere letter net " , pass website of this one government, come the tourist of Anhui can undertake convenient and quickly consumptive complaining, inquire travel company and the sincere letter record from personnel of course of study at any time.

Zhang Xueping of deputy director general of bureau of tourism of the Anhui province says, "Anhui travels sincere letter net " it is current the 7th provincial travel of countrywide sincere letter net, "Place of qualitative inspect of travel of the Anhui province and 17 the ground

According to introducing, anhui travels after sincere letter net is enlightened, come the referenced information that Anhui tourist can consume in safety of the collect on the net, undertake complaining He Weiquan, inquire the credence of restaurant of class of travel agent, star, tourist guide is recorded, travel information " asymmetry " the problem will get settlement.

To be complained on convenient tourist net, this website is in receive online after complaining, can handle directly, OK also the flow according to set, the processing of effective person specially assigned for a task that complains information to send relevant area in real time. In the meantime, ground city pledges the staff member of inspect place also can pass what the network understands a tourist to complain fact and reason at any time, spread out put on record to handle, safeguard tourist rights and interests.
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